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Holiday Cover



Taking a vacation has never been easy due to the price drop in many types of holidays and this has been true across the board in recent years. So you shouldn’t need 7000 reasons, but you might need one when it comes to getting your travel insurance because this is something that many people do overlook at times.

Imagine that you are sitting in the airport waiting to depart on your flight and you suddenly discover that your package holiday does not come with an insurance policy. While this may sound fairly unrealistic it is actually surprising how often this can happen. Most people would just tend to shrug it off; why do you even need insurance anyway? It is this kind of attitude that leads to the holiday horror stories that you hear about; lost baggage, flight cancellations etc… and these all have one thing in common; without insurance you have to foot the bill for all of these yourself. However, by taking out a simple insurance policy you can actually forgo having to pay for any of these expenses and even if you do then you will be able to claim the money back.

The fact is that many people are going on holiday without travel insurance and it is only putting themselves at risk. Some might argue that it is only there so that the companies can make more money from you but when you consider how cheap insurance is – especially if you shop around – and how much it can actually cover then the price is actually a real bargain as opposed to a rip off. Rather than leaving yourself open to risk be smart about your vacation and take out a travel insurance policy to protect yourself regardless of what might unexpectedly happen whilst you are away.

Ibiza – not just a party capital



An abundance of partygoers opt to visit Ibiza during the height of summer –choosing this holiday hotspot for one reason only – its vibrant nightlife scene. However, Ibiza isn’t solely for those who wish to spend the night on the tiles and this Spanish Island has something to offer all.

Delve a little deeper

A little further along from San Antonio and you’ll find an abundance of quaint fishing towns, white washed buildings and beautiful beaches. You’ll also find a handful of traditional restaurants and bars and establishments that serve sangria as opposed to shots and tapas instead of burgers.

For more information on everything Ibiza has to offer, visit

Where to go

When it comes to Ibiza holidays, it’s important to do your research. There are an abundance of towns and villages to choose from, many of which cater to a variety of different tastes.

If you’re travelling with young children, you may wish to stay in a resort close to one of the many water sport-filled beaches or Water Park. From diving to jumping aboard a banana boat, there is an abundance of activities for kids here.

One for history buffs

Es Vedra is a mythical island and a hot spot for history buffs. It’s also said to hold the remains to Atlantis.

This particular attraction is one of Ibiza’s most famous visitor hotspots and those who choose to explore this part of Spain can spend the entire day doing so. There are a number of day trip excursions to choose from, many of which circle the area.

Aside from its natural beauty, the food is said to a major attraction.

One for the explorer

The C’an Marca Caves are a must-visit for those looking for more of an adventure. It’s here you’ll be able to explore an underworld brimming with secret waterfalls, lakes, lagoons and breathtaking views – a hot spot for those looking for an adrenaline rush and also, those keen to see a more natural side of this island.

From light shows to music-filled evenings, this is a great family excursion and one that will allow you to view the sights and sounds of Puerto San Miguel beach.


If it’s a little sun you are after, then Ibiza is a great option. During the height of summer, the temperatures can reach the high 20’s. However, the area also boasts a pleasant climate in April right the way though until December, whilst winters are a little milder.


Float away from your troubles with a last minute cruise



Going on a cruise is a fantastic alternative to busy resorts or thriving Christmas markets as you can escape the hassles of the real world.
Last minute cruise deals offer fantastic opportunities to explore the globe and see destinations that are a little off the beaten tourist track.
But why could a last minute cruise be perfect for you?

Enjoy some peace and quiet
While the ship won’t be entirely deserted out of season, there’s a good chance that it won’t be as busy as during the hectic summer months. Reading a book on the decks and relaxing by the pool in luxury will be easier than ever and you can take in some of the world’s most idyllic sights at the same time!
Therefore, if you’re looking for a getaway that’s a little bit different in the coming months, consider last minute cruises with Thomas Cook.

YOLO – unleash your wild side
If you fancy getting away from it all, there are plenty of cruise options that can meet your every need, with a number of excursions and activities to test get your heart racing. Far-flung locations across the globe are now more accessible than ever and the wonderful delights of different cultures, foods and lifestyles are just a ship’s journey away.

If you’ve got some extra holiday to use up at work or you just fancy a trip away, why not pack your suitcase and get cruising?

Save some money
Each cruise liner has a set amount of rooms and stands to lose out if they remain unfilled. As a result, many will look to offer perks and packages that mean the rooms are occupied for any specific trip.
By shopping around, it’s possible to get some great deals to places you might never have previously considered visiting and this will make your trip even more budget-friendly.

Banish winter blues
With the night’s drawing in and the weather being less than predictable, floating off to warmer climes offers the chance of escape.
Whether it’s the stress of working life or an opportunity to treat the kids to something a little different, banish those winter blues in an instant.
What better way to enhance your Christmas spirits that with a trip around the Norwegian Fjords or the delights of the Mediterranean?

Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon



Millions of people visit both the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas each and every year. These two destinations are the most heavily populated tourist attractions in all of Nevada. While many people choose to explore each of these areas individually, you can actually combine the two quite easily thanks to the huge number of options designed to allow people to take on just this kind of adventure. By exploring the methods of transportation ahead of time or taking advantage of the numerous tours that are available between the two locales, you can save money and dramatically expand the potential of your next Nevada getaway.

The journey is not very far at all, spanning roughly 250 miles between the Vegas Strip and the Grand Canyon. People who choose to make the drive using a rental car typically take about 4.5 hours to complete the trip when traveling along Interstate 40. However, there are plenty of ways to get around spending this much time behind the wheel of a rental. Bus tours, for instance, have proven to be a popular option for people making the most of their travel. The Grand Canyon South Rim Bus Tour will take you on a one-day outing to the Grand Canyon from the heart of Vegas. The tour centers on Grand Canyon Park, an area that is comprised of over 277 miles of the Colorado River. The schedule for the tour is relaxed, allowing people the time to really soak in the majesty of this wondrous creation of Mother Nature. The tour provides a wealth of information on the canyon that stretches over 18 miles across at its widest point. The tour is extremely affordable and even takes you directly over the Hoover Dam on the way to the canyon.

The Grand Canyon West Rim and Skywalk Tour takes visitors to an area of the canyon that is only located 120 miles east of Vegas. This tour has become a favorite due to the fact that it delivers visitors directly to the Skywalk. This look-out point features a glass-bottom bridge that actually extends out over the edge of the canyon. It is steel reinforced and cost close to $30 million to install. It is situated 1,200 meters above the base of the chasm and extends 20 meters away from the cliff face, making it a thrilling if not terrifyingly fun experience. In addition to making this famed stop, visitors will also see the Hualapai Indian Reservation, Eagle Point, and many other locations of interest.

People who would rather take to the air to make their way to the Grand Canyon should explore the Airplane and Bus Tour that takes place over a full day. This expedition allows for the most wondrous and comprehensive view of the canyon and the surrounding park, all in the context of the total geography of the area. Visitors will see amazing views of the overall patterns that are formed in the land as the Colorado River continually deepens the canyon 5,000 feet below its rim.

Explorers who wish to see the canyon from every possible perspective should book reservations on the West Rim Helicopter, Boat, and Bus tour. This journey explores the landscape in nearly every way possible, allowing one to see everything from Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam to the floor of the canyon itself. Crossing the rim of the canyon walls and dropping downwards in a helicopter truly provides a once in a lifetime feeling. The pontoon ride down the gentler sections of the Colorado River can be just as thrilling. Visitors get a close up look at the patterns in the rock and soil that have been formed as the water slowly erodes the canyon walls, deepening the beauty.

For a more romantic getaway, explore the possibilities that come with engaging in the Champagne Helicopter Picnic. This ride is ideal for a quick day trip that will not completely eat up 24 hours of time. Combing luxury and romance, the view is unforgettable as will be the memories you create with a significant other. Your picnic lunch takes place riverside in a secluded area of the canyon floor. There is even the option to purchase a DVD that documents your exquisite experience.

5 Unusual Places to Stay in the UK



If you are planning to visit the UK and you are someone who prefers to stay in places a bit out of the ordinary, there are many choices available to you. There is certainly nothing wrong with traditional hotels and inns but if you are looking for something truly unique, you are sure to find the perfect place to stay. If you are planning to give the gift of travel, you will find many unusual places to stay and gift ideas for couples.

You can begin by looking at The Lighthouse Llandudno in Wales. This old lighthouse has been turned into an elegant hotel that offers a Victorian dining room where you can gaze down nearly 400 feet to the shore while you are dining. Traditional Welsh cuisine is served and you can reserve the lamp room which gives you a 280 degree view of the sea at all times.

If you want to give the gift of nature or experience it yourself, you can consider camping. Mighty Oak Tree Camping located in Cornwall is an excellent place to experience nature at its finest. You can spend your days climbing an ancient oak tree and your nights sleeping soundly in a hammock that is suspended high above the forest floor.

There are a number of old manor houses that have been transformed into boutique hotels, offering a luxurious accommodation experience. In Lower Slaughter, a Gloucestershire Village, you will find Lower Slaughter Manor Hotel which allows you to travel back in time to a more peaceful period. Another manor house is Whatley Manor in Malmesbury. This small hotel offers just 23 rooms and features antique furnishings to really give you a taste of yesteryear. A European spa and restaurants are also offered onsite.

In Oxford, you will find the Old Parsonage. This luxurious hotel was once a safe haven for priests persecuted during the Reformation in the 16th century. It now provides old-world charm in beautifully decorated rooms, a secluded walled garden and many amenities in close proximity.

Finally, if sleeping in a fairy tale castle has always been your dream, you will find Wester Ross in Scotland to be a good choice. The Torridon Hotel offers 58 acres of beautiful wooded lands and overlooks a deep sea loch. The castle is turreted and offers a number of amenities, including a whisky bar with over 300 malt whiskies from which you can choose.

It is not difficult to find a unique place to stay in the UK. Whether you are booking a reservation for yourself or you want to buy a gift experience for someone else, there are many places from which you can choose. Choose an adventurous getaway or a romantic castle setting, whatever suits your tastes and preferences. You are certainly not going to be without choices and there are a number of tourist companies that can help you to make your choice as well as gift experience companies that can help you to choose the perfect gift for someone special.

9 Awesome Travel Locations to Take Online Teaching Courses



If you are studying to become a teacher, there are plenty of quality online courses available that will help give you the tools you need to earn your online teaching degree get you on your own path to on this rewarding career path. And thanks to the flexibility of online courses, you can learn from home, or wherever you want.
If you do not want to miss out on the experience of travelling for school, here are some exciting places for travel that are also conducive to learning. The choice is yours.

New York City
The largest city in the United States has no shortage of educational institutions, including an Ivy League school and the largest private university in America. However, the city is also a great place for your own individual learning experience, with great studying spots like the Rose Main Reading Room at the New York Public Library and the public atrium of the Bank of America Tower, and any number of cafes with Wi-Fi on just about every block in Manhattan.

You do not have to attend traditional classes in order to have the experience of studying abroad. Like New York, London is incredibly culturally rich metropolis with some of the world’s best culture and entertainment, not to mention first rate nightlife and a huge number of housing options. For an international location, London has the advantage of being an English-speaking city.

Japan is an amazing destination, and any visit is bound to be enriching and fascinating, even a short trip without studying. Japan also makes a backdrop like no other for an online education, and the country is famous for its remarkably fast internet connections. If money is an issue, there are opportunities for English teachers in Japan.

Australia is another English-speaking destination that nonetheless offers a new perspective and exceptional experience for students. In fact, Australia presents not only a different culture, but a whole other hemisphere with an almost reversed seasonal calendar from the United States.

In the quintessential “college town”, you do not have to be enrolled in one of the city’s schools to study here, you can take advantage of legendary studying spots like the Boston Public Library while earning your online teaching degree.

Instead of studying with a paper cup of corporate chain coffee, why not instead accompany your online courses with some of the world’s finest espresso, and later reward yourself with the some of the most astonishingly delicious culinary fare in the known universe? And during a break from your studies, why not feel ancient history come to life and see some of the world’s most remarkable collections of iconic art?

The official language is Dutch, but Amsterdam is as friendly to English speakers as any other city, and is also one of the most beautiful, laid-back environments to enjoy your time studying abroad, with some of the world’s best museums.

Yes, it seems like a cliché. But Paris is home to a high concentration of great schools, which means a high concentration of fellow students. Paris is like the European capital city version of a college town.

On The Road
There is no reason you need to stay in one place while earning your online teaching degree. Consider studying while traveling, and experiencing several exciting destinations.

The Costa Blanca need not cost the earth



The Costa Blanca is a fascinating part of Spain and tourists have been flocking to the province of Alicante for many years. Its beautiful coastline is a wonderful viewpoint from which to appreciate the Mediterranean Sea and the area is famous for its special beaches. Popularity has not meant that visiting the Costa Blanca is a wallet stretcher, however.

Many British tourists choose to stay in affordable Benidorm. Half a century or so ago, Benidorm was a small village, but now it’s a vibrant resort and home to a wide variety of high-rise hotels. There was a time when Benidorm could be a bit rowdy, but the atmosphere has gradually evolved and it is now a great destination for visitors of all ages.

A close look at accommodation in Benidorm

Geographically, Benidorm is backed by a mountain and has several beaches of its own. It does not cost a fortune to get there, which frees up many people’s budget for the cost of accommodation. The resort is not just a place where high-rise hotels are in abundance; there is a large variety of apartment blocks too. Prices of both accommodation types are reasonable. An old city has been preserved within the wider settlement.

As well as tourists, Benidorm attracts immigrants, many of whom are British. When it comes to hotels for tourists, there is plenty of choice. One example, the Rosamar Hotel, Benidorm, is located very near the beach and has a wide variety of facilities.

Bathe on the Blanca beaches

The beaches of the Costa Blanca have been drawing the crowds for years, but their attractiveness has been retained. The main ones in Benidorm beaches have been kept very clean, hence the European Union has continued to award them the much coveted Blue Flag. The pull of the beaches has been enhanced by the typical weather too. Benidorm is known for its perfect climate, which makes beach use pleasant throughout the year.

Outside Benidorm, the beaches of the Costa Blanca are very special too. The Costa Blanca is split into the Marina Alta in the north and the Marina Bajo in the south, but the standard of beach is high within both sections. Many of the beaches are pristine and the sea is really inviting. Diverse scenery is provided by mountains and some concealed bays. These attractive bays may appeal to those tourists who want to escape from the more crowded beaches for a change

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