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February 2007

Colombia-A South American Paradise



Colombia is a beautiful South American country situated on
the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Colombia has a lot to
offer tourists and while there are some areas that you will want to
avoid, there are so many places that are safe and worth visiting.

The San Felipe de Barajas Castle in Cartagena, Colombia, is unbelievable. Visiting a castle up close and personal is really worth the experience. Not only is it educational, but there is so much history in those walls you can almost feel yourself being transported to another time and another place. This castle is one of Colombia’s oldest buildings and it was built by the Spaniards back in colonial times. Checking it out today is really amazing and a must if you are traveling the country.

San Andres Island
A beautiful beach in Colombia that every tourist should see is San Andres Island. This is the perfect place for romance or an adventure, or a little of both. Here you can relax on the sand and soak up the sun while drinking your favorite beer or cocktail. Or, you might choose to do something adventurous like kite boarding or surfing. There are lots of classy hotels in San Andres if you have an open budget, but if you are trying to save money there are also hostels and more affordable hotels.

If you want to see where super famous Latin pop star Shakira is from then you should check out Barranquilla. Here you can learn some famous Latin dance moves and really shake your caderas (hips) like Shakira while getting down in any one of the cool discotecas Barranquilla has to offer.

The capital city of Colombia is Bogotá and it is dangerous, especially at night. There are many historical buildings and cathedrals to check out here as well as great restaurants. But, if you don’t speak Spanish and aren’t a native you might just want to stay in Bogotá for as long as it takes you to change planes and head somewhere else. Bogotá is beautiful and has a lot to offer, but it can be very dangerous for foreigners.

Santa Marta
Tayron National Park is unbelievable and for anyone interested in eco-tourism it is definitely worth a visit. There are more than 37,000 acres of mangroves, reefs, beaches, and even Indian ruins to check out. You will not only find the park educational, but also amazingly beautiful and peaceful.

If you are in Colombia then you need to make time to visit Medellin where the Piedra de Penol exists. This rock formation is one of a kind and sits in the middle of the countryside. It will take an hour drive from Medellin to reach the rock and you will travel curvy roads. But once you reach La Piedra de Penol you will know it was worth the trip!

Texas-The Longhorn State is a Great Place to Visit



Texas is a beautiful state to visit for many reasons. First of all, there are so many different things to do that you could move to this state and never accomplish all there is to do! Next, the weather is beautiful year round so no matter what time of the year you can travel Texas will be waiting for you with the sun shining. Texas is really growing and each year millions of tourists visit the state for all the fun things the state offers and many individuals decide to call this state home. The following activities are some things you should take advantage of if you are visiting this great state. Keep in mind, however, that Texas is huge, so you might want to focus on activities in the area you will be traveling and check out other offerings on a subsequent trip.

The Alamo
The Alamo is where the Texas army was attacked by the Mexican army. Although there were thousands of soldiers in the Mexican army the 182 Texans stood strong and fought for their independence. They lost to the bigger army, but their fight for independence was well documented at the Alamo. This is an amazing place and full of Texas history, so it is a great place to visit.

El Mercado
El Mercado, or the Market, is an astonishing place where tourists can buy handmade goods and get a real feel for the Mexican influence in Texas. Being so close to Mexico there is a lot of culture mixing and in El Mercado this is very obvious although at times it seems to bend more towards the Mexican influence than the Texan.

The Riverwalk
If you are in San Antonio then you should definitely check out the Riverwalk. A great walkway that winds along the river sets the stage for dining and shopping. This is a very popular place to visit and is really beautiful and enjoyable at the same time.

Houston Space Center
NASA’s Johnson Space Center is another place that is worth a visit if you are in the Houston area. Learn about space exploration, see items and footage from space, and if you are lucky you might even meet an astronaut or see a launch!

Sea World
If you are in San Antonio then Sea World should definitely be on your list of things to do. There are many aquariums, exhibits, and shows for you to take in and see plenty of live marine life. You will love the killer whales and dolphin shows. This is a great destination for couples with or without children!

Of course, these are not the only things to do in Texas. In a state that covers more than 262,000 square miles and has more than 600 miles of shoreline there are hundreds of activities to keep you entertained. Enjoy golf, the beach, shopping, fine dining, and more when you visit Texas!