An RV or recreational vehicle is a vehicle that is used as temporary living quarters when the passengers are engaging in recreational travel such as a vacation, a weekend of camping or a long tour. The RV is basically a vehicle that has many of the appliances, features and rooms that would be present in an ordinary home, although limited by the vehicle size. Depending on the owner’s preferences and financial abilities, an RV can have any or all the conveniences of a modern home. Common RV equipment and amenities include beds, satellite TV, computers, cooking equipment, bathrooms, refrigerator, and heating and air conditioning systems. RV equipment and appliances that require electricity can be powered by electric power that is available at RV parks – places where RV owners can stay in the middle of their travels for a rent. Batteries, generators and solar power may be used to power the RV equipment and appliances while travelling.

An RV can either be motorized and drivable, or one that can be towed by another vehicle such as a pick-up truck. They may either be bought or rented according to the RV user’s lifestyle and needs. Families and tourists use RV’s when they go sightseeing and camping. Other RV users include mobile lifestyle enthusiasts, hunters and retirees. An RV saves the passengers, the expenses and bother of having to find and rent hotels when travelling, and allows them to cook their own food. It also gives users the conveniences of home while travelling.