Those who know they want a great holiday that they can afford and which will genuinely help them reduce stress are making a surprising choice in the United Kingdom today. Instead of the high action, high cost escapes that were part of years gone by, today’s UK holiday makers are looking for a more relaxed pace which can help them enjoy the full benefits of their holiday without all of the added costs for activities they may or may not feel like engaging in, say travel industry experts. What triggered this change? Many seasoned travel experts say that it has a great deal to do with the economy and its affect on the public’s mood. Instead of needing to be revived from sleepy work schedules and the drone of every day live where thrills were at a premium, today’s workers want to be able to get away from it all and surround themselves with nature and low level fun that works for their family and is gentle enough on their budget that they do not experience guilt over taking their holiday.

This is why the Devon area has become such a huge hit with today’s travelers. The pace of life is perfect for many who would prefer a cottage setting where they can breathe in the crisp fresh air from the Atlantic and get a sense that they are free of their duties for the time that they have. They can self cater and this helps them be able to reduce expense which does a great deal to help reduce stress, too. The beach side holiday cottages in North Devon have become exceptionally popular amongst today’s travel savvy UK citizens because the scenery really is impossible to recreate anywhere else in all of England today. That fresh air alone is well known across the UK as a source of vitality that bigger, faster paced cities could never offer no matter how exotic their thrills might be.

For an ideal escape, North Devon offers a type of beauty that only nature could make and a cost that is simply impossible to beat for great cottages that feel like an ideal home away from home to be shared with the good company of friends and family.