The Midwest and northwest areas of the United States are known for many things. Wilderness, farming, and rain, are to name a few. But one thing that does not come to mind immediately is great vacationing. Oregon is one of the nation’s top states for whitewater rafting with the Rogue River and the North Umpqua River being the most sought after trips in the state. The Rogue River is consistently viewed as not only the best Oregon Rafting trip, but is viewed as one of the top 6 multi-day rafting trips in the country. It has been recognized for its thrilling white water and un-matched wildlife. The North Umpqua River out of Roseburg is nestled very deep in the western Cascade Mountains and makes for a challenging yet extremely enjoyable day of crystal clear Oregon rafting.

For those who often take road trips or travel through the area, day trips on the famous Rogue River is the perfect activity for a hot day in Southern Oregon. Escape the car for a break from your family road trip, get away from the house, or add little adventure to your families camping weekend. Your family will thank you for getting them onto the river.

Their is a beginner Rogue River rafting trip which is designed to provide families with young children or anyone looking for a relaxing but slightly adventurous trip the opportunity to get out and cool off in the river. You can learn to paddle an inflatable kayak through many different skill levels of rapids or you can choose to ride in a raft with a guide. Whether you’re young or old the white water, scenery, wildlife, and swimming in the Rogue River leaves no unhappy customers. This is the perfect way to be spontaneous and go enjoy your family.