If you have been thinking about planning a trip to Australia you should make sure that your vacation ends on a high note. Many tourists visit foreign countries because they want to learn more about a different culture, however, they also want to relax. What better way to create new memories and take it easy at the same time than to sail around the city. Sydney Harbour cruises have long reserved for the rich and famous, however, more and more visitors are finding out just how easy it is to charter a boat. Whether you are planning on coming to Sydney for business or pleasure, you can find the time to get out on the water and see the city from a completely unique angle.

The Obsession is a cruise boat that makes regular voyages around Sydney Harbour all year around. You can charter a cruise do impress your clients, or take your family on a surprise trip and plan a day of whale watching. Stay on the Obsession overnight and wake up to the sound of rolling waves and the squawks of sea birds.

When you charter a boat you can do as much or as little as you so choose. The Obsession is large enough to get lost in for hours, and once you have completely taken in your surroundings you will be able to better focus on city of Sydney. Most people think that chartering a boat is beyond their means, but you can take the Obsession out on the sea for as little as four hours. Built for a maximum capacity of 32 passengers, you can easily choose a package that is affordable for the entire party. Feel what it is like to be captain of a boat for a day and get the most out of your vacation to Sydney.