While many people hire stretch limos for special events such as proms or birthday parties, most of these customers aren’t really sure what to expect when they get inside the limo itself. We have all seen a stretch limo at one time or another and most feel that they are just the playthings of the rich however such is the competitive nature of the limo business these days that you can hire one for 8 people at a very reasonable price.

When you get inside of a Toronto limo – especially the stretch limos – you will be surprised at how spacious they are. From the outside they certainly look long but not particularly wide however when you do get inside you can see how they easily fit 8 people. In addition, stretch limos will come with a bar and drink cooler so that you can enjoy a drink or two on your way to your destination. An intercom system will also be present so that you can talk to the driver should you have any requests or issues to raise.

Indeed, the inside of a stretch limo can be quite like having your own party on the road as they come equipped with a very effective sound system and you should be able to choose which songs you want. In fact, quite a few limos come with a TV installed so the doesn’t even have to be too rowdy and you can sit back and relax during the journey as well.

Getting the right kind of limo is important as most stretch limos will only accommodate 8 people however that is generally more than enough for most. Getting first class service from an experience chauffeur as well as enjoying all the luxuries inside of a stretch limo will ensure that your special event is even more memorable.