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March 2012

Renting In Israel



While far from the biggest country and certainly one that is often misunderstood, Israel has emerged as a viable vacation spot in recent years and it has only been lately that so many people have seen how attractive it can be to foreign visitors and this has meant that a great number of holidaymakers have decided that they would like to come back to the country but on a more permanent basis in that they look for Israel holiday apartments where they can stay for a much longer period. Indeed, the housing market in the country is attractive and there are many places that you can rent an apartment to use as your holiday home.
What you need to do is hire the services of a local estate agent and they have become much more experiences in recent years with dealing with foreign clients so they can advise and assist you on a whole range of matters such as the best places to rent a property from, finding one in your price range and also deal with the legal and tax issues that can arise as well; all of this is best left to them as doing it yourself will only cause problems.
Indeed, the country benefits from having some great weather and it has a majestic coastline that is enjoyed both by locals and holidaymakers too. The Black Sea is, of course, one of the highlights and people come from all over the world to enjoy it while Tel Aviv itself is a really booming city that enjoys a healthy mix of nightlife and quiet locations for everyone to enjoy. Renting a holiday apartment in Israel could be one of the best moves you make and open up a country to you that is not often seen as a tourist destination for many.

Sightseeing In The UK



If you are thinking of locations to take your vacation in this year then you could do a lot worse than head for the United Kingdom. You will often hear people complain about the climate – even though it can get warm in summer it is hardly tropical – however the UK has so much more to offer than the weather and it really is a sightseer’s paradise.

For a start you have Windsor Castle that is currently and historically a royal residence and has been in existence since the 11th century; indeed, its grandeur and magnificence is rarely matched anywhere else in the world never mind Europe and is a must see when you are taking a trip to Britain. In addition to this you also have Stonehenge which is renowned as known throughout the world. While the actual origins have been disputed and theories abound as to why it was built, this only adds to the mystique and the aura that engulfs the attraction. From Druid festivals to Pagan celebrations, Stonehenge has been linked with it all and is a sight that really must be visited on any trip to the UK.

A worthwhile option is heading further north to the English-Scottish border and visiting Hadrian’s Wall. This has been popularized in the film The Eagle and has been described as one of the most northerly parts of the Roman Empire and, even though the wall is not in the same condition it was nearly 2000 years ago, it is still visible and a great attraction for anyone with an interest in the Roman Empire. These are just a few historically inclined sights to see in Britain and only touch the tip of the iceberg in terms of things to do in the country.

The author Karen Bailey, works as a freelance writer writing on travel as well as English exam and English tests.