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May 2013

The Costa Blanca need not cost the earth



The Costa Blanca is a fascinating part of Spain and tourists have been flocking to the province of Alicante for many years. Its beautiful coastline is a wonderful viewpoint from which to appreciate the Mediterranean Sea and the area is famous for its special beaches. Popularity has not meant that visiting the Costa Blanca is a wallet stretcher, however.

Many British tourists choose to stay in affordable Benidorm. Half a century or so ago, Benidorm was a small village, but now it’s a vibrant resort and home to a wide variety of high-rise hotels. There was a time when Benidorm could be a bit rowdy, but the atmosphere has gradually evolved and it is now a great destination for visitors of all ages.

A close look at accommodation in Benidorm

Geographically, Benidorm is backed by a mountain and has several beaches of its own. It does not cost a fortune to get there, which frees up many people’s budget for the cost of accommodation. The resort is not just a place where high-rise hotels are in abundance; there is a large variety of apartment blocks too. Prices of both accommodation types are reasonable. An old city has been preserved within the wider settlement.

As well as tourists, Benidorm attracts immigrants, many of whom are British. When it comes to hotels for tourists, there is plenty of choice. One example, the Rosamar Hotel, Benidorm, is located very near the beach and has a wide variety of facilities.

Bathe on the Blanca beaches

The beaches of the Costa Blanca have been drawing the crowds for years, but their attractiveness has been retained. The main ones in Benidorm beaches have been kept very clean, hence the European Union has continued to award them the much coveted Blue Flag. The pull of the beaches has been enhanced by the typical weather too. Benidorm is known for its perfect climate, which makes beach use pleasant throughout the year.

Outside Benidorm, the beaches of the Costa Blanca are very special too. The Costa Blanca is split into the Marina Alta in the north and the Marina Bajo in the south, but the standard of beach is high within both sections. Many of the beaches are pristine and the sea is really inviting. Diverse scenery is provided by mountains and some concealed bays. These attractive bays may appeal to those tourists who want to escape from the more crowded beaches for a change

What to Look for When Buying a Used Boat



Many people long to own their own boat so that they can enjoy their time on the lake or ocean whenever they want. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to run right out and purchase a new boat from the dealer’s lot so many choose to buy used. Buying a used boat offers a number of benefits, provided you know how to ensure that you are getting the best deal and a quality product.

No matter what specific brand you prefer, you will need to do a bit of research before you go out and purchase just any used boat. If you prefer Bayliner boats for instance, you are likely to find many that are available but you have to be careful of what you purchase. You need to know that you are getting something worth the money, particularly if you are paying tens of thousands of dollars. It is important that you first determine what you need with regards to accommodation. If you need a boat that will seat eight people for instance, buying one that only seats six is simply wasting your money.

You also need to determine the type of boat that you want. Do you want something that you can take to the lake for fishing and nothing else or do you need something that includes sleeping quarters, a kitchen area and other amenities? Think strongly about what you plan to do with the boat before you buy. Getting a good deal means more than finding a used boat for a low price. It also means ensuring that the boat you do buy gives you all of the function and features that you want.

You need to also consider that buying the boat itself is not the only expense related to boat ownership. You will need a trailer if you plan to transfer the boat from your home to your preferred waters. If you are going to leave the boat at the docks, you will need to pay for storage or rental space. Title, insurance and registration are also costs to consider when buying a used boat. Insurance can be expensive depending on the type of boat that you purchase so check on a quote or two before you begin shopping.

Overall, you want to be certain that you are buying from a reputable seller. You cannot expect to simply drive out one day and find the boat of your dreams for the price of your dreams. Do a bit of shopping around and make sure that you check on things like warranties and past maintenance. A good used boat will have been maintained regularly and you should be able to see a history of ownership. You may want to take along a mechanic to check out the engine and ensure that there are no hidden issues that could cost you down the road. Buying a used boat means taking your time to ensure that you get what you need as well as something that is worth what you are paying.