Millions of people visit both the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas each and every year. These two destinations are the most heavily populated tourist attractions in all of Nevada. While many people choose to explore each of these areas individually, you can actually combine the two quite easily thanks to the huge number of options designed to allow people to take on just this kind of adventure. By exploring the methods of transportation ahead of time or taking advantage of the numerous tours that are available between the two locales, you can save money and dramatically expand the potential of your next Nevada getaway.

The journey is not very far at all, spanning roughly 250 miles between the Vegas Strip and the Grand Canyon. People who choose to make the drive using a rental car typically take about 4.5 hours to complete the trip when traveling along Interstate 40. However, there are plenty of ways to get around spending this much time behind the wheel of a rental. Bus tours, for instance, have proven to be a popular option for people making the most of their travel. The Grand Canyon South Rim Bus Tour will take you on a one-day outing to the Grand Canyon from the heart of Vegas. The tour centers on Grand Canyon Park, an area that is comprised of over 277 miles of the Colorado River. The schedule for the tour is relaxed, allowing people the time to really soak in the majesty of this wondrous creation of Mother Nature. The tour provides a wealth of information on the canyon that stretches over 18 miles across at its widest point. The tour is extremely affordable and even takes you directly over the Hoover Dam on the way to the canyon.

The Grand Canyon West Rim and Skywalk Tour takes visitors to an area of the canyon that is only located 120 miles east of Vegas. This tour has become a favorite due to the fact that it delivers visitors directly to the Skywalk. This look-out point features a glass-bottom bridge that actually extends out over the edge of the canyon. It is steel reinforced and cost close to $30 million to install. It is situated 1,200 meters above the base of the chasm and extends 20 meters away from the cliff face, making it a thrilling if not terrifyingly fun experience. In addition to making this famed stop, visitors will also see the Hualapai Indian Reservation, Eagle Point, and many other locations of interest.

People who would rather take to the air to make their way to the Grand Canyon should explore the Airplane and Bus Tour that takes place over a full day. This expedition allows for the most wondrous and comprehensive view of the canyon and the surrounding park, all in the context of the total geography of the area. Visitors will see amazing views of the overall patterns that are formed in the land as the Colorado River continually deepens the canyon 5,000 feet below its rim.

Explorers who wish to see the canyon from every possible perspective should book reservations on the West Rim Helicopter, Boat, and Bus tour. This journey explores the landscape in nearly every way possible, allowing one to see everything from Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam to the floor of the canyon itself. Crossing the rim of the canyon walls and dropping downwards in a helicopter truly provides a once in a lifetime feeling. The pontoon ride down the gentler sections of the Colorado River can be just as thrilling. Visitors get a close up look at the patterns in the rock and soil that have been formed as the water slowly erodes the canyon walls, deepening the beauty.

For a more romantic getaway, explore the possibilities that come with engaging in the Champagne Helicopter Picnic. This ride is ideal for a quick day trip that will not completely eat up 24 hours of time. Combing luxury and romance, the view is unforgettable as will be the memories you create with a significant other. Your picnic lunch takes place riverside in a secluded area of the canyon floor. There is even the option to purchase a DVD that documents your exquisite experience.