The name given to the Hong Kong territory literally translates into “fragrant harbour” and the name truly fits. While Hong Kong actually consists of almost three hundred islands, including the three largest areas which Hong Kongare the New Territories, -connected to the Kowloon Peninsula, Lantau Island, and Hong Kong Island, which is the largest, Hong Kong has managed to remain beautiful, both naturally and culturally. Hong Kong along with being the largest island, is also the most thickly populated. Both the flora, and fauna of Hong Kong manage to stay intact over the years, as the Chinese culture continues to embrace the natural life around their large city, and incorporate much natural and floral design into the city itself, while preserving their unique natural environment as well.

One of the most popular things to do in the city of Hong Kong is to shop! Souvenirs, clothing, hand crafted jewelry, and much more, all waiting for the credit card savvy shopper’s eyes to light up with glee. Many people come to China for its rich history and lore, as can be found at museums, tours of historical sights, monuments, Chinese culture festivals and heritage tours. Other popular activities and attractions are the nature preserves, and guided walks through Hong Kong’s paradisiacal natural atmosphere.

The cuisine you’ll find in Hong Kong caters to the traveler when it comes to what you’ll find served in restaurants; a delightful fusion of Eastern and Western ethnical dishes. When eating at a four or five star restaurant, however, you have to remember, that technically, you are experiencing gourmet cooking, but you aren’t really experiencing Hong Kong’s cuisine. To do that, find the corner store dives, ask around from the locals, and see what they consider to be good food. Don’t just take your travel rep’s advice. Go looking for what’s popular amongst the locals. Americans will find that hamburgers from McDonald’s are quite a bit more expensive than in the United States, while Chinese food can be found much cheaper. Of course, tea drinking is a very large part of Chinese culture as well, the rituals of pouring the tea, drinking tea, and thanking those who poured the tea are all complex, so be sure to study up on Chinese manners.

Getting around in the city of Hong Kong is best done by either bicycle, on foot, or for those who don’t mind traffic, public transportation and taxis. The city is very busy, and has a high population; many people are trying to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible. And sometimes, that just means walking briskly; you’d be surprised how many cars you can pass just by walking quickly. However, sidewalk-legal scooters, or motorcycles can make it through traffic a little faster, and make parking simpler as well. Finding accommodation is Hong Kong is easy, and available for travelers with budgets of all sizes. There are luxury five star hotels, as well as the most expensive hotels, which overlook Victoria Harbour. There are also more modest guest houses, and youth hostels for younger travelers, found on Hong Kong, as well as in the New Territories, Kowloon, and the outlying islands.