Thailand is located in a cultural turning point; it lays in the center of Southeast Asia, and is neighbours with countries such as Myanmar, Cambodia, Malaysia, as well as others. The full name of Thailand is “Prathet Thai” which means ‘Land of the Free’ when translated literally. Thailand has four basic natural regions; in Northern Thailand, are lush forests, and majestic mountains. In Southern Thailand visitors will find the beautiful beaches, and islands along the coast. There are also the seemingly neverending rice fields, located in Thailand’s Central Plains, and the agricultural economy, located in the farmlands of the Northeastern Plateau. Thailand is a kingdom; led by His Majesty King Rama IX, and is composed over seventy-six different provinces, all with their own unique histories, and social structures.

There are a diverse number of attractions in Thailand, available for the palate of any tourists taste, such as eco-tourism, wildlife expeditions, historical and educational points of interest, and many more.

  • Go exploring in the caves of Thailand, located in the West, South and North of the country, where you’ll discover sleeping bats, intricate tiny scared houses for Buddha, and underground worlds of delight.
  • Whitewater rafting is a thrilling adventure for couples or families; there’s also the more relaxed rides, bamboo rafting in the North of the country.
  • The wildlife in Thailand is just as diverse as its people and culture; wildlife viewing is another popular activity, in Thailand’s various wildlife preserves, and national parks; there are even elephant tours and trekking for the whole family.
  • There are coastal and sea tours available for those who want to travel over the water in style and leisure, as well as fishing, and watersports as well.
  • Tourists who want to explore the array of culture delights and traditions all over the country can visit the enormous metropolis of Bangkok, the colorful cultures of the North, the fascinating traditions of the Hilltribes, and the floating markets, and canals on the river.

The cuisine found in Thailand is a cultural blend of both Western and Eastern foods; the five main tastes in Thai foods are sweet, sour, spicy, salty, and occasionally bitter. Some of the other major influences also come from neighbouring countries, such as Laos, Malaysia, and China. As a matter of fact, many of the dishes found in Thailand are actually just natively influenced Chinese food. Thai food is popular all over the world, in the United States, Australia, and all over Europe as well. There are several popular dishes, such as “rad na” which is wide noodles, with different meats, or seafoods, or “pad thai” which is rice noodles, cooked with lime juice, sugar or other ingredients, and egg, while also including meats, or tofu. Sticky rice, called “kao niao” is used in a variety of desserts, along with coconut milk, or bananas.

There are several options for transportation while traveling through Thailand; when in large cities, traveling by bicycle, scooter, can be faster, or even on foot; or, if you don’t mind a more leisurely trip, or the traffic, you can travel by bus or taxi. Traveling through the countryside can be done by car, or by rail, and for those who plan to do a little island hopping while on the coast, can also use ferries for transport. Finding accommodation is easy in Thailand as well to fit any budget; from luxury hotel suites, and spa resorts, to more modest coastal cottages, or bed and breakfast establishments in the country.