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Archived Posts from “Bookings & Services”

How To Book A Vacation For Less



While it is easy enough to search the web for savings tips on airfare, low priced hotel accommodations and special deals on car rentals, sometimes the most exclusive offers are only available via membership. Credit cards, retailers and other companies sometimes allow consumers to join exclusive vacation discount membership programs, however, even these services do not deliver the best savings. At Vacation Choices, travelers are able to get discounts with the most heavily travel vacation hubs in the world. Because Vacation Choices has developed a lasting relationship with luxury hotels, bed and breakfasts, restaurants, car rental companies and resorts, you are guaranteed to get access to amazing deals.

Instead of searching airline tickets portals for hours trying to get a last minute flight, you can make use of your Vacation Choices membership to secure a seat on a whim. No matter how much money you intend on spending, you will be surprised when you see that you end up under budget. There are dozens of companies that will promise you access to all inclusive vacation packages, however, when it comes time to take your trip you will find that you can only choose from one or two lesser known resorts. For the money that you will spend on a membership package, taking just one vacation a year will amount to untold savings.

With Vacation Choices’ concierge service, you will have the ability to reserve a table at the best restaurants and book a hotel room at the facility of your choosing. Their customer service representatives are easy to get in contact with and you can be certain that you concerns will be addressed within a reasonable amount of time. Stop booking your vacations the hard way, and let the experts at Vacation Choices help you to make the smart decision the next time you travel.

How To Find A Place To Stay In NYC This Holiday Season



Everyone knows that the ‘big apple’ is home to some of the best hotels, restaurants, museums and parks in the world. At the same time, it can be impossible to find a place to stay in New York City during the busy winter months. If you plan to get a hotel room in NYC for New Years Eve, you might have to book a room over a year in advance. A last minute trip to Manhattan can be fun and exciting as long as you take care of your accommodations before you arrive in the city. The last thing you want to happen is find that there is nowhere to stay, or be forced to spend your entire budget on an expensive luxury hotel in NYC. The good news is that there still plenty of cheap New York hotels available, especially online..

Spending just a few minutes of your time to search the Internet for NYC hotels running winter specials will yield great results. Figure out how many nights you plan to stay and how many people are going to be staying at the hotel with you. You can easily find a great deal of hotels in NYC with rooms available that are close in proximity to the areas that you plan to frequent. Check out what other travelers have to say about the hotels that you are interested, and look at pictures of the suites online. Once you find a cheap NYC hotel that meets all of your criteria you can book a room for free. You won’t have to pay a booking fee and you can pay the balance when you check-in or check-out. That means that you can use your cash to shop, eat and explore all that NYC has to offer without worrying about paying too much for a hotel room.