Jamaica is the third largest island in the Caribbean, and also the birthplace of Bob Marley, and James Bond. The island itself is tropical, and beautiful inland, with long hours of Caribbean sunshine, and warmth, whereas the coastline is long stretches of white, sandy beaches, with clear blue water that goes on for miles. There are also high, beautiful waterfalls, further inland on the island, as well as the high, majestic Blue Mountain. Most vacationers and tourists expect Jamaica to be a short trip, and quickly explored; however, as varied, and geographically diverse an island as it is, most travelers will discover that there is more to see than they thought.

montego bayThe foods in Jamaica are various, and very culturally influenced; from the seafood to the fruit, very few menus can compare with all the different foods you may, –or may not, depending on the palate, –be savouring on the island. Just to name a few of the native foods that you might be sampling while in Jamaica, there’s steamed cabbage, codfish balls, Callaloo patties, Ackee and Saltfish patties, sweet Cassava pudding, boiled dumplings of various sorts in many dishes, stuffed roast beef, Callaloo fritters, fried jerk chicken, plenty of corn bread, hominy porridge, and much, much more. Jamaica also has a variety of different fruits to try, such as Jackfruit, Guniep, Hog Pum, Tinkin toe and more.

Jamaica has such a wide variety of foods and people, despite it being an island where most of the population is usually said to be of African descent, it is actually compromised of many different cultures. South American, Asian, African, European, East Indian, and Arabic ancestry as well. Much of the reason for this wide variety of culture is that up until 1962, Jamaica was under British rule, and was frequented by travelers from many travelers in Europe and other continents before it became an independent nation unto itself in 1962.

Some of the places most frequently visited are the parishes in Jamaica. Altogether there are fourteen, but the most beautiful and popular are Portland, St. Ann’s, Manchester and Westmoreland. Tourists are also encouraged to visit orchards and savor some of the fruit native to Jamaica. For shopping and lodging, the northern coast of Jamaica is a great place to visit or to lodge for the duration of your stay. If travelers are interested in suspense, and ghostly history lessons, then they should visit Rose Hall, the home where a woman named Annie Palmer lived once; her husband passed away mysteriously, and then the servants disappeared one at a time. Before therapeutic baths were trendy in Europe, they were well established in Jamaica; to see just how much, try the Milk River Baths in St. Elizabeth.

There are several luxurious hotels on the North Coast of Jamaica as well, which include Beachcomber Club Hotel & Suites, Beaches Royal Plantation, Breezes Montego Bay, Cariblue Hotel, Crane Ridge Hotel, Half Moon Hotel, Devine Destiny, as well as dozens more relaxing, and excellent places for any tourist or vacationer to lodge while staying in Jamaica.