Costa Rica is a Central American country that is rich in beaches, as its name implies, as well as people who are called “ticos.” This Spanish speaking country has so much to offer travelers from jungles and volcanoes to beaches and hot water springs. Whatever adventure you are looking for you can surely make it a reality in Costa Rica.

San Jose, The Capital
San Jose is the capital of Costa Rica and while it is a big city you will enjoy the friendliness of the people. Gringos visiting will be welcomed as tourism is a big part of the country’s economy and overall the city, despite crowded, is safe. Most all travelers will arrive in San Jose and from there can choose other destinations within the country. But the beauty of San Jose should not be overlooked. There are all the traditional big city things to do like shop, visit museums, and eat in restaurants. But, there are also other activities like the theatre, butterfly parks, and bus tours to enjoy.

Manuel Antonio
Costa Rica means rich coast and when you visit some of the amazing beaches the name of the country is truly fitting. One of the best beaches to visit is Manuel Antonio. This is also a national park where you can walk up and down the mountain trails looking at monkeys, snakes, sloths, butterflies, iguanas, and any other animal that might show its face. There are multilingual tour guides for hire outside the gate or you can tour the park on your own. The paths lead through the mountains as well as down to the beaches. The beaches of Manual Antonio are glorious, clean, and complemented by cliffs and large boulders that meet the sea.

Tabacon Resort
Located in Arenal, Costa Rica, the Tabacon Resort is a must see. You can stay in the resort or else you can just visit the hot springs. It’s one thing to read about but an entirely different thing to experience. It’s like a large well manicured garden with lots of different waterfalls, hot springs, pools, and other water features. As you experience the different hot springs you will notice some are scorching hot while others are quite cool. All of them are heated by the nearby volcano. If you want a visual experience like no other as well as a relaxing soak in a variety of different hot springs then Tabacon Resort is a must see.

The Jungle
Costa Rica offers tourists jungle adventures as well. One of the coolest of all is to take a zip line through the jungle canopy. You zoom from one tower to the next via zip lines and get a view of all kinds of wildlife and foliage not to mention the jungle from above. A tour of the jungle on foot is also a lot of fun and educational, but don’t forget the guide to show you all the wildlife you might be missing without a trained eye.

Midday Showers

If you travel to Costa Rica don’t get upset if it rains every day because it more than likely will, especially during June and July. The good news is the afternoon showers don’t last very long and then the sun comes back out to make for a glorious day.

Pura Vida
In Costa Rica you will hear the ticos saying “pura vida” frequently in their conversations, even when it doesn’t seem to fit. This simply means “pure life” and it is what Costa Rica is all about. So, if you want an amazing vacation that capitalizes on the pure life and a whole lot of fun then Costa Rica is a must visit!