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Archived Posts from “Europe”

Ibiza – not just a party capital



An abundance of partygoers opt to visit Ibiza during the height of summer –choosing this holiday hotspot for one reason only – its vibrant nightlife scene. However, Ibiza isn’t solely for those who wish to spend the night on the tiles and this Spanish Island has something to offer all.

Delve a little deeper

A little further along from San Antonio and you’ll find an abundance of quaint fishing towns, white washed buildings and beautiful beaches. You’ll also find a handful of traditional restaurants and bars and establishments that serve sangria as opposed to shots and tapas instead of burgers.

For more information on everything Ibiza has to offer, visit

Where to go

When it comes to Ibiza holidays, it’s important to do your research. There are an abundance of towns and villages to choose from, many of which cater to a variety of different tastes.

If you’re travelling with young children, you may wish to stay in a resort close to one of the many water sport-filled beaches or Water Park. From diving to jumping aboard a banana boat, there is an abundance of activities for kids here.

One for history buffs

Es Vedra is a mythical island and a hot spot for history buffs. It’s also said to hold the remains to Atlantis.

This particular attraction is one of Ibiza’s most famous visitor hotspots and those who choose to explore this part of Spain can spend the entire day doing so. There are a number of day trip excursions to choose from, many of which circle the area.

Aside from its natural beauty, the food is said to a major attraction.

One for the explorer

The C’an Marca Caves are a must-visit for those looking for more of an adventure. It’s here you’ll be able to explore an underworld brimming with secret waterfalls, lakes, lagoons and breathtaking views – a hot spot for those looking for an adrenaline rush and also, those keen to see a more natural side of this island.

From light shows to music-filled evenings, this is a great family excursion and one that will allow you to view the sights and sounds of Puerto San Miguel beach.


If it’s a little sun you are after, then Ibiza is a great option. During the height of summer, the temperatures can reach the high 20’s. However, the area also boasts a pleasant climate in April right the way though until December, whilst winters are a little milder.


5 Unusual Places to Stay in the UK



If you are planning to visit the UK and you are someone who prefers to stay in places a bit out of the ordinary, there are many choices available to you. There is certainly nothing wrong with traditional hotels and inns but if you are looking for something truly unique, you are sure to find the perfect place to stay. If you are planning to give the gift of travel, you will find many unusual places to stay and gift ideas for couples.

You can begin by looking at The Lighthouse Llandudno in Wales. This old lighthouse has been turned into an elegant hotel that offers a Victorian dining room where you can gaze down nearly 400 feet to the shore while you are dining. Traditional Welsh cuisine is served and you can reserve the lamp room which gives you a 280 degree view of the sea at all times.

If you want to give the gift of nature or experience it yourself, you can consider camping. Mighty Oak Tree Camping located in Cornwall is an excellent place to experience nature at its finest. You can spend your days climbing an ancient oak tree and your nights sleeping soundly in a hammock that is suspended high above the forest floor.

There are a number of old manor houses that have been transformed into boutique hotels, offering a luxurious accommodation experience. In Lower Slaughter, a Gloucestershire Village, you will find Lower Slaughter Manor Hotel which allows you to travel back in time to a more peaceful period. Another manor house is Whatley Manor in Malmesbury. This small hotel offers just 23 rooms and features antique furnishings to really give you a taste of yesteryear. A European spa and restaurants are also offered onsite.

In Oxford, you will find the Old Parsonage. This luxurious hotel was once a safe haven for priests persecuted during the Reformation in the 16th century. It now provides old-world charm in beautifully decorated rooms, a secluded walled garden and many amenities in close proximity.

Finally, if sleeping in a fairy tale castle has always been your dream, you will find Wester Ross in Scotland to be a good choice. The Torridon Hotel offers 58 acres of beautiful wooded lands and overlooks a deep sea loch. The castle is turreted and offers a number of amenities, including a whisky bar with over 300 malt whiskies from which you can choose.

It is not difficult to find a unique place to stay in the UK. Whether you are booking a reservation for yourself or you want to buy a gift experience for someone else, there are many places from which you can choose. Choose an adventurous getaway or a romantic castle setting, whatever suits your tastes and preferences. You are certainly not going to be without choices and there are a number of tourist companies that can help you to make your choice as well as gift experience companies that can help you to choose the perfect gift for someone special.

Preparing for Your First Visit to Benidorm



If you have never visited Benidorm, you are in for quite a treat. While there are a number of things that you may want to see and do while you are there, there is certainly no way to do everything on your first trip. It may be necessary to spend some time thinking about the sights and activities that you are certain you want to include and then making an itinerary before your trip.

Benidorm is famed for its peaceful yet bustling lifestyle. Those who have never been there will notice upon arrival that it offers everything you would expect in a major city and still has the quiet solitude of a country escape. There are many historical sites to behold, beautiful and pristine beaches on which you can relax and amazing nightlife and restaurant opportunities not to mention the shops and other amenities.

There are a number of festivals that take place in Benidorm each year and if you are traveling during one of these, it is essential that you make time to visit the festival. Many of the festivals offer religious undertones and some are rich in cultural heritage. They are certainly something that you want to include in your first visit so take the time to research the annual festivals and see if you are going to have the opportunity to attend one during your visit.

Aside from the many festivals, Benidorm offers a wide range of activities to suit a number of personal preferences. Whether you enjoy water sports, hiking, sightseeing or you simply want to relax on the beach and soak up the sun, you are certain to find the perfect activity no matter what you prefer to do on vacation. There are also a number of golf courses, many of which are world famous for their greens so if you enjoy playing, this will be a good place to work towards your professional golf career. Some of the courses have been designed by famed designer Seve Ballesteros and many are host to the Spanish National Golf Championships.

If you are a history buff, be sure that you make time to visit the historical ruins that are spread out all over Benidorm. Planning holidays in Benidorm takes a bit of time but if you take a few moments to research your options prior to traveling you can be certain to take in all of the sights you want and the activities that you enjoy on your first visit. Many enjoy the outdoor market that offers a huge selection of different local items and the El Cisne Flea Market is open on Sundays and also offers a range of Spanish items.

Taking the time to plan your trip will help you to ensure that you enjoy everything there is to enjoy upon your first visit to Benidorm. You may not be able to see and do everything but you can get the gist of this beautiful region and why it is such a popular tourist attraction and you can always visit again to catch the sights that you miss the first time.

Five Tenerife Holidays That Don’t Involve a Beach



Tenerife has acquired a rather undesirable reputation over the years as the typical holiday for Brits abroad, in all of their red faced, all-day-breakfasted glory. However, this reputation is rather unfair and many hoteliers and those working in tourism have tried to change the reputation of Tenerife holidays to attract a different class of clientele.

A little searching beyond the bright lights, huge hotels and neon-decked bars of the large coastal resorts and you can find the real Tenerife, famous for it’s spectacular volcanic landscape and perfect weather – who wouldn’t want year-round sun?

Walking in Tenerife

If you’re a keen rambler then you should look no further than Tenerife. The spectacular mountains and moon-like terrain offers scenery like nowhere else in the world. If you are after a challenge then you should scale Mount Teide in the middle of the island, which rises to a whopping 3,718 meters above sea level: about three times higher than Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in Britain.

Because the terrain rises very steeply in Tenerife, it means that walks are not for the faint hearted, unless you plan a more gentle route in advance. You should also take care not to walk during the middle of the day as the intense heat can make even a gentle stroll a challenge. If you are up for the adventure, you will have one of the best rambling holidays around.


There are a huge range of sports available on Tenerife and the perfect, still and hot conditions make it an excellent place to improve the technique of your chosen pastime.

There are hundreds of tennis courts around the island – many pros choose Tenerife as the place to train during the off-season. Badminton is also a popular sport to play in Tenerife because of the many days where the wind isn’t very strong, making it certain that the shuttlecock flies true!

Golf is another huge pull for holidaymakers and the islands numerous golf courses and resorts make it easy to get a round in before tea.
Fishing and Whale and Watching

The Atlantic Ocean surrounding Tenerife is teeming with life – there are so many things to see in the ocean that it makes lounging around on the beach seem like a criminal waste of time.

The seas are so full of fish that even the most modest fishermen can seem like experts and there is nothing more satisfying than cooking up the fish that you caught earlier that day on the barbecue.

There are many sailors that offer trips out into the ocean to see whales and dolphins. Costing about £20 per person for a couple of hours trip, it is a great way to see a different part of the island and the spectacular sight of a whale in the ocean is not to be missed.

Travel Preparations to Europe



With the spring season well under way in the Northern Hemisphere, travel agencies all over the world are bracing for the influx of tourists from the United States, Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and countries everywhere as excursionists turn their eyes to Europe. Europe lays claim to many tourist attractions such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the feel of the old country side of Germany, the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy, and a whole slew of other fantastic locations. European cruises and cross country tourist caravans are quite common in the spring and summer seasons when tourist business is at its height. In addition to all of the typical fanfare that is included for tourist season, hostels and hotels are also making their presence known to travelers both foreign and domestic (and unfortunately their rates per night also coincidentally raise as well). But before a traveler or family of tourists begins their trek to the Old Country it is very important that they think ahead first; getting lost in Europe may sound fun right now, but it can become a nightmare very quickly!

A lot of people who find themselves embarking on all inclusive luxury holidays to Europe first realize they will need proper currency for the countries they are choosing to visit. Traveler’s checks are never a bad idea, but the Euro is accepted in seventeen of the twenty-seven major European nations. For some reason, many travelers also hold to an odd notion that if they bring a cellular phone with them that it will somehow ruin their touring experience but it is highly recommended that a tourist have a way to contact others, even in suburban areas. Finally, maps are quite important so one does not get lost while exploring a beautiful countryside or visiting popular sites in a metropolis area.

Holiday Parking At Edinburgh Airport



Going on holiday is a stressful enough time without having to worry too much about how to get to the airport and where to park your vehicle if you are driving. Indeed, a great number of people fail to even consider this before the leave and end up paying a great deal of money to the airport in order to park their vehicle; however this is not the only option that is available to you when it comes to parking your car.

There are numerous places that offer Edinburgh airport parking however there are some things that you will want to keep in mind before you settle on a location. For example, how far way is it from the actual terminal building itself? Just about all of the car parks that are a few miles away from the airport itself will have a shuttle service of some sort however is this on demand or is there only one every half an hour say? Half and hour can be a long time if you are desperate to get to your check-in desk on time so it is best to suss all of this out before hand. Also, what is their security situation like?

You will be leaving your vehicle for a week or even longer so you will want to know if it is going to be safe and secure in the car park that you are leaving it in. Check the company out first on the internet to see what kind of security they offer; most will have guards and CCTV but it is always best to choose the ones that offer a great deal of security at night as well although once you have all of this figured out then you can leave for your holiday safe in the knowledge that your vehicle is secure.

Sightseeing In The UK



If you are thinking of locations to take your vacation in this year then you could do a lot worse than head for the United Kingdom. You will often hear people complain about the climate – even though it can get warm in summer it is hardly tropical – however the UK has so much more to offer than the weather and it really is a sightseer’s paradise.

For a start you have Windsor Castle that is currently and historically a royal residence and has been in existence since the 11th century; indeed, its grandeur and magnificence is rarely matched anywhere else in the world never mind Europe and is a must see when you are taking a trip to Britain. In addition to this you also have Stonehenge which is renowned as known throughout the world. While the actual origins have been disputed and theories abound as to why it was built, this only adds to the mystique and the aura that engulfs the attraction. From Druid festivals to Pagan celebrations, Stonehenge has been linked with it all and is a sight that really must be visited on any trip to the UK.

A worthwhile option is heading further north to the English-Scottish border and visiting Hadrian’s Wall. This has been popularized in the film The Eagle and has been described as one of the most northerly parts of the Roman Empire and, even though the wall is not in the same condition it was nearly 2000 years ago, it is still visible and a great attraction for anyone with an interest in the Roman Empire. These are just a few historically inclined sights to see in Britain and only touch the tip of the iceberg in terms of things to do in the country.

The author Karen Bailey, works as a freelance writer writing on travel as well as English exam and English tests.

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