The country of Bulgaria is a relatively small regioin, linking the Eastern and Western reaches of Europe. The country is located in Southeastern Europe, and has existed for over thirteen centuries, and throughout its history has endured through turbulence and violent wars. There is a legend throughout Bulgaria, that in the beginning, when God was giving all the different peoples of the world gifts, such as wine to the French, and dancers to the Spanish, that when everyone had already left, the Bulgarians came at the very last, because they had so much work to do. Instead of letting the people of Bulgaria go with nothing, God gave them a little of every gift that he had given to the other peoples of the world.

Perperikun is one of the most frequently visited cities in Bulgaria, because it is a sacred city, and is located seven kilometers away from the largest city in that area of the country. One of the twenty-four wonders of the country, is a large castle, that is said to have occupied over ten thousand meters, and was carved in the rocks of the mountain. Some of the stone altars found within the acropolis were used for sacrifices of both animals and humans. The monument of Tatul is known as the Bulgarian Stonehenge. Another popular place to visit, is The Rila Monastery, which is the largest monastery in the entire country, containing various pieces of historical relics and carvings.

The cuisine in Bulgaria is varied to a high extent, and offers dishes, wines, desserts and beers to suit any palate. There are spices relative to Bulgaria as well, that are hard to find in any other part of the world, as well as the cheeses that are made from domesticated animals such as goats, and sheep. One of the traditional recipes from Bulgaria, is Tarator, or cold soup, which has become a trendy recipe throughout the U.S., and in other parts of the world. Other, not so well known cuisine from Bulgaria, is Moussaka, which in Greece is made with ground lamb or beef, and layered with other vegetables, topped with a white sauce, and baked. However, in Bulgaria, the vegetables are primarily potatoes, and isn’t layered, but mixed together. There’s also Sarma, which is minced meat, rice, and phyllo dough, rolled into large plant leaves, and then boiled, and served with a sauce, or glaze. Some regard Shkembe chorba a national treat, while others regard it is inferior, and cheap. Shkembe chorba, happens to be tripe soup, and tripe, is the lining of a cow’s stomach. It’s also well-known as a remedy for hangovers.

Visiting Bulgaria is also an excellent idea for international vacationers who want to explore a beautiful region, without paying intolerably high costs, and dealing with high volumes of tourists. When traveling, the best time of the year all depends on the person; there’s skiing for winter travelers, beautiful beaches for people who want to travel in the summer, and gorgeous, lush plant life, and flora in the spring time. Sofia is a popular area of Bulgaria for luxurious hotels, such as the Hilton Sofia, The Sheraton Sofia Hotel Balkan, The Sofia Princess Hotel, and many more, of varying costs and levels of luxury, for those who want to spend more time in the country, than in their rooms.