Poland is located in Central Europe, and bordered by several countries, including Germany, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic, and is also considered to be part of Eastern Europe at times. Because of the way Poland Tarta Mountains in Polandhas been situated between so many countries, it’s history is rich with struggles, and wars, and the Polish people have learned through the centuries to battle for the ownership of their country. As a matter of fact, Poland was the first “state” in Eastern Europe, when it was considered to be in Eastern Europe, to escape from communism. Once the bonds were broken between the communist states, Poland has since undergone many cultural and economic changes.

The most popular destinations in Poland are The Royal Castle, in Krakow, The Royal Way in Gdansk, The Concentration Camp, in Auschwitz, The Old Town, in Warsaw, and The Old Town, in Wroclaw. The Royal Castle on Wawel is one of the most beautiful sites in Poland to visit because of its rich history, and mash-up of different architectural styles, including both Gothic and Roman. The Royal Way, is actually only five hundred meters of street, however, the antique architecture sights located along the way are treasures unto themselves, and combined with the stone street make a very picturesque scene to walk along. The concentration camp in Auschwitz is a sight that all should see, a very sobering destination, where the tragedy, and solemnity can truly be felt. The Old Town, Warsaw, called “Stare Miasto” is famously popular for its architectural beauty, after it was restored after World War II, where tourists will find both stylish cafes, and ancient cathedrals.

Travelers visiting Poland for the food may have a few surprises in store for them, with so many different countries surrounding their borders, and the mix of cultures in the country itself, the traditional foods served are a mix of Jewish, Slavic, and other foreign cuisine. Most of the dishes in Poland include pork and cabbage, like the national dish, called “bigos” which is basically cabbage with pieces of beef and pork. Lunches consist usually of three courses, starting popularly with beet soup, or sour rye meal mash, then an appetizer of either salmon or herring, and the main course might be the national dish, or another favorite, breaded pork cutlet.

The best times to visit Poland are usually in the summer, however, these are also mixed with rain, but are all in all, the best season for travelers, since autumn generally begins in September. Just like visiting any other country, when traveling in the off-season, visitors and tourists can expect much smaller crowds, but activities are much more limited due to the change in season, not to mention, travel becoming more difficult due to winter weather as well.