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Ibiza – not just a party capital



An abundance of partygoers opt to visit Ibiza during the height of summer –choosing this holiday hotspot for one reason only – its vibrant nightlife scene. However, Ibiza isn’t solely for those who wish to spend the night on the tiles and this Spanish Island has something to offer all.

Delve a little deeper

A little further along from San Antonio and you’ll find an abundance of quaint fishing towns, white washed buildings and beautiful beaches. You’ll also find a handful of traditional restaurants and bars and establishments that serve sangria as opposed to shots and tapas instead of burgers.

For more information on everything Ibiza has to offer, visit

Where to go

When it comes to Ibiza holidays, it’s important to do your research. There are an abundance of towns and villages to choose from, many of which cater to a variety of different tastes.

If you’re travelling with young children, you may wish to stay in a resort close to one of the many water sport-filled beaches or Water Park. From diving to jumping aboard a banana boat, there is an abundance of activities for kids here.

One for history buffs

Es Vedra is a mythical island and a hot spot for history buffs. It’s also said to hold the remains to Atlantis.

This particular attraction is one of Ibiza’s most famous visitor hotspots and those who choose to explore this part of Spain can spend the entire day doing so. There are a number of day trip excursions to choose from, many of which circle the area.

Aside from its natural beauty, the food is said to a major attraction.

One for the explorer

The C’an Marca Caves are a must-visit for those looking for more of an adventure. It’s here you’ll be able to explore an underworld brimming with secret waterfalls, lakes, lagoons and breathtaking views – a hot spot for those looking for an adrenaline rush and also, those keen to see a more natural side of this island.

From light shows to music-filled evenings, this is a great family excursion and one that will allow you to view the sights and sounds of Puerto San Miguel beach.


If it’s a little sun you are after, then Ibiza is a great option. During the height of summer, the temperatures can reach the high 20’s. However, the area also boasts a pleasant climate in April right the way though until December, whilst winters are a little milder.


Preparing for Your First Visit to Benidorm



If you have never visited Benidorm, you are in for quite a treat. While there are a number of things that you may want to see and do while you are there, there is certainly no way to do everything on your first trip. It may be necessary to spend some time thinking about the sights and activities that you are certain you want to include and then making an itinerary before your trip.

Benidorm is famed for its peaceful yet bustling lifestyle. Those who have never been there will notice upon arrival that it offers everything you would expect in a major city and still has the quiet solitude of a country escape. There are many historical sites to behold, beautiful and pristine beaches on which you can relax and amazing nightlife and restaurant opportunities not to mention the shops and other amenities.

There are a number of festivals that take place in Benidorm each year and if you are traveling during one of these, it is essential that you make time to visit the festival. Many of the festivals offer religious undertones and some are rich in cultural heritage. They are certainly something that you want to include in your first visit so take the time to research the annual festivals and see if you are going to have the opportunity to attend one during your visit.

Aside from the many festivals, Benidorm offers a wide range of activities to suit a number of personal preferences. Whether you enjoy water sports, hiking, sightseeing or you simply want to relax on the beach and soak up the sun, you are certain to find the perfect activity no matter what you prefer to do on vacation. There are also a number of golf courses, many of which are world famous for their greens so if you enjoy playing, this will be a good place to work towards your professional golf career. Some of the courses have been designed by famed designer Seve Ballesteros and many are host to the Spanish National Golf Championships.

If you are a history buff, be sure that you make time to visit the historical ruins that are spread out all over Benidorm. Planning holidays in Benidorm takes a bit of time but if you take a few moments to research your options prior to traveling you can be certain to take in all of the sights you want and the activities that you enjoy on your first visit. Many enjoy the outdoor market that offers a huge selection of different local items and the El Cisne Flea Market is open on Sundays and also offers a range of Spanish items.

Taking the time to plan your trip will help you to ensure that you enjoy everything there is to enjoy upon your first visit to Benidorm. You may not be able to see and do everything but you can get the gist of this beautiful region and why it is such a popular tourist attraction and you can always visit again to catch the sights that you miss the first time.

Five Tenerife Holidays That Don’t Involve a Beach



Tenerife has acquired a rather undesirable reputation over the years as the typical holiday for Brits abroad, in all of their red faced, all-day-breakfasted glory. However, this reputation is rather unfair and many hoteliers and those working in tourism have tried to change the reputation of Tenerife holidays to attract a different class of clientele.

A little searching beyond the bright lights, huge hotels and neon-decked bars of the large coastal resorts and you can find the real Tenerife, famous for it’s spectacular volcanic landscape and perfect weather – who wouldn’t want year-round sun?

Walking in Tenerife

If you’re a keen rambler then you should look no further than Tenerife. The spectacular mountains and moon-like terrain offers scenery like nowhere else in the world. If you are after a challenge then you should scale Mount Teide in the middle of the island, which rises to a whopping 3,718 meters above sea level: about three times higher than Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in Britain.

Because the terrain rises very steeply in Tenerife, it means that walks are not for the faint hearted, unless you plan a more gentle route in advance. You should also take care not to walk during the middle of the day as the intense heat can make even a gentle stroll a challenge. If you are up for the adventure, you will have one of the best rambling holidays around.


There are a huge range of sports available on Tenerife and the perfect, still and hot conditions make it an excellent place to improve the technique of your chosen pastime.

There are hundreds of tennis courts around the island – many pros choose Tenerife as the place to train during the off-season. Badminton is also a popular sport to play in Tenerife because of the many days where the wind isn’t very strong, making it certain that the shuttlecock flies true!

Golf is another huge pull for holidaymakers and the islands numerous golf courses and resorts make it easy to get a round in before tea.
Fishing and Whale and Watching

The Atlantic Ocean surrounding Tenerife is teeming with life – there are so many things to see in the ocean that it makes lounging around on the beach seem like a criminal waste of time.

The seas are so full of fish that even the most modest fishermen can seem like experts and there is nothing more satisfying than cooking up the fish that you caught earlier that day on the barbecue.

There are many sailors that offer trips out into the ocean to see whales and dolphins. Costing about £20 per person for a couple of hours trip, it is a great way to see a different part of the island and the spectacular sight of a whale in the ocean is not to be missed.

Tenerife – The Perfect Place To Celebrate Your Anniversary



Sometimes, purchasing jewelry and flowers for your spouse to celebrate your anniversary just isn’t enough. If you are coming up on your 10th or even 25th wedding anniversary you will want to do something that is truly unexpected. Planning a surprise vacation may take a little finesse, however, the rewards will be well worth your hard work. Vacation destinations such as Hawaii, London and New York City provide endless amounts of entertainment, but if you want to plan a romantic getaway for two you should consider visiting Tenerife. This small island, located off the coast of Africa and directly beneath Spain is as exclusive as it gets. When your significant other finds out what you have planned she will be unable to hide her excitement.

You might be able to make a few phone calls and book a beautiful hotel suite within a few minutes, but locating flights to Tenerife will take more effort. First, you will need to decide where you want to stay on the island. Although Tenerife is rather tiny, it will be more convenient for you to tay in a hotel that is close to the airport that you fly into. After you have booked your flight and found a hotel to stay in, you will want to devote the rest of your time to wining and dining your spouse.

There are countless gourmet restaurants in Tenerife, so be sure to make a reservation and ask for the royal treatment. You don’t even have to do anything special while in Tenerife in order to impress your spouse. A long walk on the beach, a candle lit hotel suite and some quiet time together will make her fall in love with you all over again. Make sure that your next wedding anniversary is filled with passion and splendor by booking a Tenerife vacation today.

Planning An Affordable Tenerife Vacation



While exotic vacation destinations are some of the most beautiful places in the world, everything associated with them can be very expensive. From hotel suites to car rentals, you are going to have to budget your trip down to the penny if you want to have enough money leftover to buy souvenirs. This is why travelers look for cheap flights to Tenerife before they even think about mapping out the rest of their vacations. Until you know that you will be able to fly at a reasonable price you don’t want to get involved in comparing hotels or putting together a meal plan.

In most cases, people that want to plan a vacation leave everything up to travel agents. If you are working with someone that you can trust it is very likely that you will be able to go on your vacation and stay within your budget. On the other hand, you might be able to get a better price if you plan out your own trip. There are many different websites that are dedicated to vacation planning, and if you are willing to spend a few minutes going through them you will learn what it takes to go on an awesome vacation.

Because Tenerife is located in the Canary Islands all you probably want to do is relax. With world class resorts and stunning beaches, all you are going to need to bring with you are a few bathing suits and a lot of sunscreen. Don’t get overwhelmed while you are planning your trip. Instead, think about how great it will be when your airplane finally touches down and you get to spend your days walking on the beach and taking in the magnificent views. Make sure that you pack everything that you need before you get on the plane because your worries will disappear as soon as your flight takes off.

What To See While You Are In Spain



Many people immediately think of bull fighting and beaches when they envision a trip to Spain. In this modern country you will have the ability to create virtually any type of vacation that you want to. For example, some come to Spain to discover its culture. The arts are celebrated throughout all of Spain, from dance and painting to cuisine and music. There are several different travel companies that offer tours of Madrid in which visitors are carted along on open trolleys. Make sure that you have your camera in tow because you are going to want to take pictures of literally everything that you see.

Since Spain has a thriving business industry, many people who visit actually come to further their corporate careers. When they are not busy signing contracts they are in the nightclubs and discos partying the nights away. The most difficult part about taking a trip to Spain is actually getting there. This is why you should keep your eye out for cheap flights to Spain. When you spend less money on airline tickets you will be able to use your resources to visit museums and dine in world renowned restaurants.

Overall, it is up to the individual visitor to choose which parts of Spain to visit and marvel at. You can purchase a packaged vacation, or you can map out your own destiny. Whatever sights you end up seeing, know that you will be tempted to come back for more. There is just no way that you will be able to visit every single part of this awe inspiring country in a single trip. Make an annual visit to Spain so that you can revisit some of your favorite destinations and make new discoveries on every trip. It is likely that you will end up making new friends that will guide you all over Spain.

Great Sights in Spain



When traveling to Spain, be ready to gratify in a diversity of culture and traditions. With its many regions, each with its diverse authority and ways of doing things, travelers to Spain will be certain be treated to a plethora of picturesque sights, sounds and experiences.

Touted as one the world’s famous tourist destinations, Barcelona, travelers to Spain will find the openwork spires of the El Templo Expiatorio de la Sagrada Familia or the Church of the Holy Family. The personal obsession of Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi y Cornet was reflected in the neo-Gothic architectural masterpiece reknowned for its undulating curves and flamboyant design just before he died in a trolley accident. Travelers to Spain’s Barcelona will also find the paved thoroughfare Las Ramblas leading to Plaza de Catalu’a fascinating. In the oldest section of the city, travelers to Spain will get to see the Church of San Pablo del Ocampo and the Gothic Cathedral of Santa Eulalia, which is a monument to Christopher Columbus. In Barcelona, the Barri Gotic and the red brick Arc del Triomf can be found. Both were designed by Josep Vilaseca.

Travelers to Spain will love touring Barcelon’s finest educational and art institutions. Among them are the University of Barcelona, the Autonomous University of Barcelona, the Royal Archives of Aragon, the Archaeological Museum, the Museum of Ancient Art, the Museum of Modern Art and the Contemporary Art Museum.

Madrid, the capital of Spain, is a metropolis known for its nightlife. Travelers to Spain will be entertained with its bars and summer terazas. Areas of note are the Chueca and the Circulo de Bellas Artes where travelers to Spain can enjoy relaxing and drinking in its many bars and discotecas. Three of the finest museums in the world can also be found in Madrid. travel through Spain’s art history as you view the country’s art collection. Museo del Prado is the most famous of the lot. Travelers to Spain will be able to see in the museum Velazquez’s Las Meninas and Goya’s Las Majas.

The Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, on the other hand, houses Pablo Picasso’s Geurnica, a depiction of the Spanish Civil War. Travelers to Spain should consider the following notable museums such as Thyssen-Bornemisza art museum that houses close to 800 paintings; the Lazaro Galdiano Museum; the National Library, which houses every book published in Spain; Museum of Bullfighting; the National Museum of Decorative Arts; and the Cultural Center of Madrid, which contains a theater for zarzuela, Spain’s version of the opera. Of course, no place will compare to the Royal palace itself, where travelers to Spain can walk through the residential rooms of 18th and 20th century royalty.

Another sight that travelers to Spain should not leave without seeing is the Alhambra Palace, which is possibly the greatest work of the Moorish art in Spain. Consisting of several courtyards and patios, this Palace in Granada is a superb piece of architectural work with its elaborate inlaid walls and ceiling designs.

Traveling to Spain will not be complete without visiting Cordoba, a city in the South. Look for the Mezquita, Europe’s grandest and utmost gorgeous mosque. Alcazar is another magnificent tourist destination. This Moorish palace was the venue for the Inquisition though it is currently essentially in ruins.

Spain’s sprawling beaches and resorts also provide the perfect tourist destination. Travelers to Spain will fancy Costa del Sol and the Costa Brava, a string of coves from Palamos to Begur.

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