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Archived Posts from “Middle East”

Renting In Israel



While far from the biggest country and certainly one that is often misunderstood, Israel has emerged as a viable vacation spot in recent years and it has only been lately that so many people have seen how attractive it can be to foreign visitors and this has meant that a great number of holidaymakers have decided that they would like to come back to the country but on a more permanent basis in that they look for Israel holiday apartments where they can stay for a much longer period. Indeed, the housing market in the country is attractive and there are many places that you can rent an apartment to use as your holiday home.
What you need to do is hire the services of a local estate agent and they have become much more experiences in recent years with dealing with foreign clients so they can advise and assist you on a whole range of matters such as the best places to rent a property from, finding one in your price range and also deal with the legal and tax issues that can arise as well; all of this is best left to them as doing it yourself will only cause problems.
Indeed, the country benefits from having some great weather and it has a majestic coastline that is enjoyed both by locals and holidaymakers too. The Black Sea is, of course, one of the highlights and people come from all over the world to enjoy it while Tel Aviv itself is a really booming city that enjoys a healthy mix of nightlife and quiet locations for everyone to enjoy. Renting a holiday apartment in Israel could be one of the best moves you make and open up a country to you that is not often seen as a tourist destination for many.

Finding A Cheap Apartment In Israel



Tel Aviv might be one of the most beautiful places to live in the world, but it is almost one of the most expensive. If you plan on living in Israel for an extended period of time, it is important that you find an affordable apartment. Although you may not have a lot of money to spend, you don’t have to stay in a hovel. Finding Tel Aviv apartments can be simple if you work with the right real estate company. Make sure that you develop a budget and you will be able to stay in a beautiful apartment in Tel Aviv at a fair price.

If you don’t already have a particular neighbor that you want to live in, start looking now. Just like any other major city, there are many different neighborhoods that make up Tel Aviv. Living closer to the airport and other major attractions will cause you to spend more money on an apartment, however, you might also have lower transportation costs. If you haven’t already left for Israel, you can use the Internet to help you locate the perfect apartment. Ask to see pictures and get detailed information on the neighborhood so that you are able to make an informed decision.

Staying in an apartment in Tel Aviv can actually be cheaper than renting a hotel room. You will be able to cook your own meals, wash your own clothing and live more comfortably. Consider all of your choices carefully and consult with several different real estate companies before you make a decision so that you can thoroughly enjoy your trip to Tel Aviv. Remember that Tel Aviv is a large city. Whether you are going for school, work or religious reasons, your stay in Tel Aviv will be more memorable if you live in a great apartment.

Accommodations Available In Cyprus



Some vacationers think that they only have the option of booking a hotel while in Cyprus. Made up of charming mountain towns, beach resorts and bustling cities, there are plenty of places to stay in Cyprus, however, you will need to consider your budget. Most travelers are immediately drawn to the beauty of new and modern resorts. While staying at a resort you will be able to get room service whenever you want and watch the sun set on the ocean. The downside is that you will end up paying handsomely for the privilege, unless you are able to get a package deal.

Another popular type of accommodation for travelers include Cyprus vacation rentals. You can stay in a small apartment being rented out by a local resident, or work with a professional property rental agency that has a huge selection of properties to choose from. You probably won’t a maid available to clean up your rental home on a daily basis, but you will be able to relax in seclusion.

If you are on a tight budget you may want to look into hostels and other single occupancy accommodations. In addition, check for cheap flights to Cyprus via the web so that you are able to pay for your trip without having to worry about staying within your budget. Before you make a reservation be sure to look up travel reviews and ask about refund policies. It is important that you have some type of recourse available in case you need to cancel your trip, or if you find that your accommodations do not turn out to appear as they were described. With patience, persistence and an open mind you will have no trouble finding a great place to stay while on vacation in Cyprus. Figure out how much money you want to spend and then find a hotel, resort, hostel or rental that is within your price range.

Take A Trip To The Mediterranean



If you want to take a trip to a country that takes relaxation seriously then you need to visit Cyrus. This country is in the heart of the Mediterranean, and thousands of vacationers come here to lay in the sun, play in the ocean and mingle with the locals. There are dozens of luxury resorts to stay at where you will be able to let your worries melt away. While it is easy enough to book a reservation at a wonderful hotel, finding cheap flights to Cyprus can present more of a challenge. There are only a select few airlines that make regular trips to Cyprus and tickets sell out quickly. You will need to find an airline ticket price comparison company that has access to up to the minute flight schedules.

Until you have booked a flight to Cyprus you will want to hold off on making other plans. If you are able to get low priced plane tickets you may be able to afford to stay in an upgraded hotel suite, or even have a limousine pick you up at the airport. Whether you are an adventure seeker or want to spend your time off from work sipping cocktails by the pool, you deserve to get the best price on plane tickets and hotel accommodations.

There are many popular tourist destinations in the Mediterranean, however, Cyprus is a true island getaway. If you have ever wanted to sleep in a villa surrounded by the ocean you can live out your dream on this quaint island. Discover what other travelers have been talking about by planning the trip of a lifetime and shop for low priced plane tickets to Cyprus. You won’t have to spend your life savings on a vacation, but you will create memories that will be with you for the rest of your life.

Vacation In Turkey



Although Turkey is a relatively small country there is much to see and do. The capital city, Istanbul, is a bustling metropolis filed with boutiques, museums, beaches and fabulous restaurants. This vacation destination is safe, fun and filled with excitement. You can come alone, invite a friend or even bring your entire family with you to Turkey. Before you can plan out your itinerary you will need to select a hotel to stay in and purchase airline tickets.

While Istanbul is where the action is at, you might want to check out some of the smaller towns and cities that make up this majestic country. Atalya is located on the coast of Turkey and it is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Yachting, sailing, swimming and jet skiing are just some of the activities that you can partake in this coastal city. By contrast, Amasya is a great place for tourists that are interested in the history of Turkey to visit. You can look for cheap flights to Turkey, book a room and then travel all over the countryside.

Most importantly, make sure that you visit Turkey at the best time of year. By going in early spring you can avoid the busy tourist season and enjoy the sights without having to fight the crowds. Visit the wineries, stay at different luxury hotels and visit the numerous archaeological sites. Alternatively, you can pack your bags and come to Turkey just to relax. You don’t have to make any plans at all and you will still find plenty of things to do each day. Once you come to Turkey once you will want to return again and again. Go and visit some of the countries that surround Turkey and discover a new part of the world.

Turkey-Country at the Crossroads



For centuries, Turkey has been the bridge between East and West, between Christianity and Islam, between Europe and the Middle East. Although many things have changed over the years-Turkey was formerly Dogubeyazitknown as the Ottoman Empire until the end of WWI, and Istanbul, was known as Constantinople-Turkish hospitality, and the beauty and mystery of the land have remained unchanged. Although Turkey is moving quickly into modernity by stabilizing the economy, cleaning up its human rights record, and trying to retain a secular government, whether or not the country is allowed to join the European Union remains to be seen.

Although the Turkish economy is stable and fairly strong these days, the country still remains a bargain for tourists and visitors, especially when compared to other destinations in the Mediterranean. Budget travelers can travel, eat, and sleep for about $40-60 a day, while around $100 per day, allows one to sleep in nice hotels, eat well, and travel in style. In the major cities, dollars, euros, and other major currencies can be used, but when traveling in smaller villages off the beaten path, keeping a ready supply of Turkish Liras is advised.

Turkey has a modern transportation system in place, and visitors can easily and cheaply get in, out, and around the country via airlines, ferries, trains, buses, and cars. The trains are typically slower than the buses, but many do have sleeper cars for long-distance travelers, and can be a good value. The Bosfor Ekspresi train connects between Budapest, Bucharest, Belgrade, and Sofia.

Istanbul has to be considered one of the world’s most beautiful cities, with domes, minarets, and modern building all standing side by side in a city that as been home to philosophers, crusaders, mystics, artists, and holy men for centuries. Surely, no trip would be complete without a visit to the Aya Sofya, or its western name, Haghia Sofia. Built 15 centuries ago, the structure was first built as a Christian church, but became a mosque for several centuries before finally ending up as a museum. Another gorgeous religious structure that shouldn’t be missed is the Blue Mosque, or the Mosque of Sultan Ahmet. A perfect example of the perfection and harmony that Islamic architecture strives for, the mosque contains the largest courtyard of any Ottoman mosque, and six minarets.

Although Turkey’s cities are enormous, loud, and chaotic, plenty of opportunities to relax and enjoy the Turkish sun exist in the resorts, smaller towns, and islands that make up the rest of the country. Bodrum is one Istanbulof Turkey’s most gorgeous resorts, replete with picturesque white houses and villas, and a bay that is usually dotted with sailboats, swimmers, and others enjoying the Aegean waters. Although Bodrum is a place to come for relaxation and rejuvenation, partygoers can dance the night away in the town’s famous discos, which pump out the beats until the early morning hours.

Turkey is both modern and old fashioned. At once European, Asian, and Middle Eastern, it was one of the first multicultural societies on the planet, and a melting pot of different ideas, cultures, customs, and arts, but also a place still defining itself. Visitors will be awed by the architecture, inspired by the art, and romanced by the energy and verve that the cities and people have to offer.

Israel-Religious and Arts Capital



Travelers to Israel will find a country preserving its historical, religious, and cultural roots, while, at the same time, building for the future, embracing modernity, economics, style, and most of all, fun!

Jerusalem is home to three of the world’s greatest religions, with about 1/3 of the world’s population regarding it as a holy city. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all claim sacred places within the city, and the mix has Wailing Wall and Al Aqsa Mosqueproduced some of the most beautiful architecture, shrines, and buildings that the world has to offer, but it has also produced the friction and fighting that has always plagued the city, as well as humanity in general. Jewish, Christian, and Muslim pilgrims from all over the world travel to Jerusalem to pray, meditate, and study in the 5,000 year old city. In fact, a visit to the district, known as the Old City, reveals many of Jerusalem’s most cherished places, such as the Temple Mount. All three religions claim parts of the Temple Mount as their own holy places. For the Jews, it the most holy place for their religion, seen as the place where the world was created, and also containing the Western (or Wailing) Wall, where Jews pray and leave written prayers for God, and also as the place where Abraham was willing to sacrifice his son, Isaac, to God. For the Muslims, the Temple Mount is regarded as the third holiest site in Islam, after Mecca and Medina. Since the shrine was built by David and Solomon, and these two are regarded as prophets in Islam, it is highly regarded that religion as well. It also is a place where Mohammad arrived on a winged horse after visiting heaven. For Christians, the place is not as important as a shrine or temple as it is to the Muslims and Jews, but more as the historical place where Jesus prayed and chased off the money changers.

The Old City is just one square kilometer, but contains as many religious and historical sites as anywhere in the world. The rest of Jerusalem is full of museums and archaeological discoveries as well.

Tel Aviv is everything that Jerusalem isn’t (but that’s not a bd thing), and demonstrates the Israeli vision for the future in its glass and steel skyscrapers, funky Art Deco neighborhoods, and clubs, discos, beaches, and dedication to business. If Jerusalem is the spiritual and religious capital of the country, then Tel Aviv is certainly the commercial, artistic, and cosmopolitan heart of Israel. Places that have beaches nearby are typically fun places, and Tel Aviv’s western beaches are gorgeous and happening. Whether it’s taking the family out for a day, looking for someone of the opposite sex, or just having a relaxing bite to eat at a café, Tel Aviv’s beaches offer a respite from the hassles of the big city. Tel Aviv is the Israeli center for music, galleries, and the performing arts. Because the weather is good year-round, a number of festivals, concerts, and outdoor events can normally be found. Whether jazz, electronic music, or more traditional folk music is your thing, Tel Aviv provides plenty of opportunities to enjoy a show either outside, or in one of the city’s theater, or performing arts venues.

Traveling to Israel, visitors will find a country with a deep historical and religious history, which billions of people respect and worship. The country also is building for the future, and offers lots of chances to enjoy all the benefits that the modern world provides as well.

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