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Archived Posts from “Cyprus”

Accommodations Available In Cyprus



Some vacationers think that they only have the option of booking a hotel while in Cyprus. Made up of charming mountain towns, beach resorts and bustling cities, there are plenty of places to stay in Cyprus, however, you will need to consider your budget. Most travelers are immediately drawn to the beauty of new and modern resorts. While staying at a resort you will be able to get room service whenever you want and watch the sun set on the ocean. The downside is that you will end up paying handsomely for the privilege, unless you are able to get a package deal.

Another popular type of accommodation for travelers include Cyprus vacation rentals. You can stay in a small apartment being rented out by a local resident, or work with a professional property rental agency that has a huge selection of properties to choose from. You probably won’t a maid available to clean up your rental home on a daily basis, but you will be able to relax in seclusion.

If you are on a tight budget you may want to look into hostels and other single occupancy accommodations. In addition, check for cheap flights to Cyprus via the web so that you are able to pay for your trip without having to worry about staying within your budget. Before you make a reservation be sure to look up travel reviews and ask about refund policies. It is important that you have some type of recourse available in case you need to cancel your trip, or if you find that your accommodations do not turn out to appear as they were described. With patience, persistence and an open mind you will have no trouble finding a great place to stay while on vacation in Cyprus. Figure out how much money you want to spend and then find a hotel, resort, hostel or rental that is within your price range.

Take A Trip To The Mediterranean



If you want to take a trip to a country that takes relaxation seriously then you need to visit Cyrus. This country is in the heart of the Mediterranean, and thousands of vacationers come here to lay in the sun, play in the ocean and mingle with the locals. There are dozens of luxury resorts to stay at where you will be able to let your worries melt away. While it is easy enough to book a reservation at a wonderful hotel, finding cheap flights to Cyprus can present more of a challenge. There are only a select few airlines that make regular trips to Cyprus and tickets sell out quickly. You will need to find an airline ticket price comparison company that has access to up to the minute flight schedules.

Until you have booked a flight to Cyprus you will want to hold off on making other plans. If you are able to get low priced plane tickets you may be able to afford to stay in an upgraded hotel suite, or even have a limousine pick you up at the airport. Whether you are an adventure seeker or want to spend your time off from work sipping cocktails by the pool, you deserve to get the best price on plane tickets and hotel accommodations.

There are many popular tourist destinations in the Mediterranean, however, Cyprus is a true island getaway. If you have ever wanted to sleep in a villa surrounded by the ocean you can live out your dream on this quaint island. Discover what other travelers have been talking about by planning the trip of a lifetime and shop for low priced plane tickets to Cyprus. You won’t have to spend your life savings on a vacation, but you will create memories that will be with you for the rest of your life.

Cyprus-Coveted Beauty



The island of Cyprus is literally so beautiful, that men and forces have fought over it for centuries for its bounty, tropical climate, attractive flora, and the geography to suit anyone’s taste. It also happens to be the mythical place where the Greek goddess of love and rapture, Aphrodite was born. Men have fought and lost their lives so that one ruler or another might possess the island; such as the Persians, and Egyptians, Mycenaeans, Assyrians, and those are only a few. The most recent feud over Cyprus’s beauty was between the Greeks and Turks.

Now, after all the past wars have been fought, Cyprus is peppered with many different cultural monuments, such as castles from the Crusaders, and even the tomb of Mohammed’s aunt. Even the geography of the island is situated so that there is fun, and adventure to be had all year around. In the center of the island, the terrain is more mountainous, while along the outer region of the island, outward from the mountains, is the plenty coastline, semi-tropical forests and beautiful beaches.

Culturally, Cyprus is highly diverse, and the official languages spoken there are both Turkish, and Greek. “Cypriot” cuisine, is very diverse as well, offering many options for the tasteful and adventurous traveler, such as octopus in red wine, sea bass, red mullet, calamari, while the vegetable that are commonly prepared are usually potatoes and cauliflower. For the turf meat lovers, there’s grilled lamb, and “sheftalia”, which is minced meat, wrapped in mesentery. Those are just a few delicacies travelers enjoy popularly during their stay at the island, however, there are of course, the more tame dishes available for the less digestively adventurous travellers.

Transportation in Cyprus, unlike some other international destinations, is a place where you can actually get around by vehicle. The number of trucks and cars being used for transport are increasing every year, as more and more roads are being paved for better transportation among its populace. Motorcycles and scooters are also popular, as they afford access to crowded shopping areas and streets that are high in traffic. If you plan to visit Cyprus, don’t be afraid to rent a car for the duration of your trip, but if you’re in an urban or heavily populated area, rent a scooter for a day or so, and see if that makes transportation any easier.

There are many different popular hotel and resort destinations in Cyprus, and, one of the topmost of these are in Paphos, which was once the capital of Cyprus, and also is host to many of the beautiful, and legendary historical points of interest. That area is peppered with many different hotels of various levels of luxury, such as Venus Beach, Coral Beach, and St. George Gardens. Limassol is the center for water activity, and beach fun oriented vacationers, with its wide expanses of sandy beaches, and variety of aquatic activities. Popular hotels in Limassol are of course, the Four Seasons, and Amathus Beach. It’s important for vacationers to remember that although the days in Cyprus can be very warm, the nights do get chilly. When packing, make sure to bring many light clothes, but also sweaters for the evenings. It’s also much cheaper to travel to Cyprus in the off-season, however, adverse weather conditions make this a none too popular idea for a good reason.