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Archived Posts from “News”

Not All Americans Likely To Heed Travel Warnings



In the last six months alone, the US government has issue approximately a dozen travel warnings for countries like Egypt and Syria. Generally speaking, the majority of US travelers agreed on the importance of getting out of countries that the government thinks may pose a safety threat, but around 15% of US residents wouldn’t attempt to change their travel plans at all if they had purchased plane tickets and reserved rooms. In an online poll conducted by Travel Leaders, it was found that US travelers would evacuate a country if the United States issued a warning, but they wouldn’t want to change their plans if they had already shelled out their cash.

Only about half of those polled said that they would re-think their vacation plans if a travel warning was issued. This indicates that US travelers are open to the idea of rescheduling their trips, or traveling to nearby destinations, but only if they won’t look any money on the deal. Researchers note that US travelers may be more willing to put their safety at risk now than they would have years ago because they are taking vacations less frequently. For the average US citizen to be able to take a trip abroad, he or she would have to save both money and vacation days from work. A canceled trip wouldn’t not only be a waist of money, it would also be extraordinarily frustrating for a US resident that made provisions well in advance. Travelers from the US may be thinking with their wallets instead of their heads.

Streamlined US Visa Program To Be Introduced



After it was found that nearly 80 million travelers avoided visiting the United Stated last year because of an outdated visa program, the US Travel Association immediately took action. In fact, US’s share of the international travel industry has remained stagnant over the past 10 years. Experts believe that a better foreign visitor visa program could create almost 500,000 new jobs. In this fledgling economy, the travel industry could prove crucial.

Among the changes that the US Travel Association supports includes keeping offices that approve and review visas open on Saturday as well as the hire of more workers to get applications processed faster. The US travel industry will also make use of newer technologies that will help workers increase productivity. As of now, the US visa application process can take months to be completed while other developed nations typically issue a response within just days.

Popular US cities such as Los Angeles, Orlando and Chicago will focus on approving applications of visitors hailing from countries like China, Brazil and the UK. Modest estimates show that the travel industry could generate more than $850 billion in profits if these changes are approved. Unlike seasonal jobs, experts believe that new employment opportunities in the travel sector would be permanent. As lawmakers struggle to balance the budget, reduce federal debt and encourage job growth, it seems that the travel industry could help the US to get back on the right track. A representative from the US State Department believes that the proposed changes just might be feasible.

US Travelers Determined To Go On Vacations Despite Threat Of High Gas Prices



Memorial Day weekend officially kicks off the summer season in the US when millions of travel cross country, spend time with extended family and head down to the beach. This year, analysts expect gas to be priced at nearly $4 a gallon by the end of May. In addition, several states have increased the price of tolls, which will add to the costs that travelers have to pay just to visit adjacent states. Even still, the majority of US residents will be participating in Memorial Day festivities, and they won’t be staying home.

Although air travel usually peaks around this time, it is the roads that will be heavily crowded. Travelers from the Northeast will be bypassing expensive tourist destinations like the Jersey Shore in favor of the beaches of Delaware and Ocean City, Maryland. Many travelers have found that a slightly longer drive can actually yield better results. In New Jersey, rental homes are booked solid from May until September, and hotel accommodations can cost more than $1,000 per week.

In the Midwest, travel will have to wait as the Mississippi threatens to burst and flood the Great Plains. On the other hand, West Coast residents have always been accustomed to sunny beaches and warm weather, but they may end up visiting more local attractions rather than traveling to the most popular destinations. Although the economy is poor, US residents are willing to spend money in order to enjoy their summer vacations. Travelers may become more savvy by seeking out online rental listings via private owner as well as popular travel portals.