Canada is the true explorer’s dream; there are endless opportunities to see and adventure all over this beautiful country, with so many varying aspects of people, culture, and terrain. There are thirteen different lake louise albertaprovinces and territories, stitched together like a patchwork pattern of differing people and traditions. In Northern Canada, there are the Yukon, Northwestern Territories, and Nunavut region. In Western Canada are British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. In Eastern Canada there are Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Nova Scotia. As one would imagine, the cities and destinations found in all these different areas are numerous as well as attractive and diverse.

In Canada, there are many different options for your vacation, depending on whether you’ve decided to keep it indoor, outdoor, or mix the two and enjoy a little bit of everything. There a rivers, lakes, deserts, prairies, forests, farm land, oceans, beaches, and parks, all waiting to be experienced by the average vacationer. Not to mention indoor leisure, with hundreds of different spa destinations, outdoor festivals for couples and family fun, as well as other attractions, such as amusement parks, indoor water parks, gaming and casinos, and science museums for individuals and families as well. For fun educational opportunities, families can visit Science World, in Vancouver, British Columbia, London Regional Children’s Museum, in London, Ontario, or Vancouver Aquarium, also in Vancouver, British Columbia. Festivals are a great way to mingle with natives and have fun with other tourists, whether at sporting event festivals, heritage festivals, food and wine festivals, theatre and art festivals, and music festivals. There’s always something going on, so before you travel, make sure to check the local calendar at your destination, to see what’s coming up in that area.

One of the highlights of Canada is the cuisine, and for lobster and crab lovers, there are few other places to travel to with better seafood. One of the most highly recommended places to try lobster, is New Glasgow Lobster Suppers, in New Glasgow, on Prince Edward Island, in Eastern Canada. In French and English areas, such as Quebec, you can find both delicious, and beautiful food made by real French chefs, in luxury dining atmospheres, such as at The Gourmet Route, in Québec, or taste the vintage French wines, bottled and aged on site in Nova Scotia, when you go on Nova Scotia Vineyard Tours. Outdoor markets, filled with vendors selling homegrown fruits, vegetables, as well as fresh pastries and baked goods, and much more, are also a favourite culinary attraction Canada. Visiting in late summer and harvest season is a great idea for those planning to sample the markets of Canada’s cities for a real taste of the country, and tourists should check to see what markets will be open in the area of their destination at the times they plan to visit.

If you’re looking for the perfect place to spend the duration of your trip in Canada, then you’ll have no trouble at all; however, making a choice between so many great places to stay can be a bit more difficult. In the mountainous region of the Yukon territory in Canada, most recommend an intimate experience of the region that you’ll find more at a hostel, bed and breakfast, or guest cabins. In Quebec, there are numerous opportunities for lodging such as youth hostels, campgrounds, educational institutions for students, wilderness lodges, resort accommodations, tourist homes, and hospitality villages as well as conventional hotels.

Transportation and getting around in Canada is best done by car, but if you plan to go across water, they are water taxis and ferries available to those traveling across rivers or waterways to islands. When in city areas, if you plan to spend a day shopping, or strolling through an outdoor market, it’s best to walk, or even rent a bicycle, so that you don’t miss out on something you might not be able to experience in a fast-moving vehicle.