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Archived Posts from “Oceania”

What to Do When Visiting Tonga



Tonga consists of more than 160 islands, 96 of which are inhabited and is located in the South Pacific. There are a number of islands that surround the reef and many of the uninhabited islands are relatively small. If you are looking for a great Pacific holiday Tonga is a good choice. There are so many things to see and do that everyone in your party is sure to be impressed.

People visiting Tonga enjoy a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities. If you love sailing, you will find the South Pacific perfect for enjoying the water. Most of the inhabited islands offer a wealth of things to do as well from various shops and delis to small bars and wonderful nightlife. Those who prefer spending their time outdoors will find snorkeling, fishing, scuba diving and a number of other activities to enjoy on virtually all of the inhabited islands.

You can also plan a cruise around the islands and get a good look at Tonga from the water. Many day cruises are available to take you to the outlying uninhabited islands and you can view wonderful sea life and simply enjoy your day relaxing on the water. Whether you are looking for somewhere to simply relax on the beach or you prefer to get out and see the sights, there is always something to keep you busy in the South Pacific. Various shipwrecks, rainforests and crater lakes are always good sights to see and when you get tired of enjoying the sights, you can simply relax in your hotel room or sit by the beach and watch the people stroll by. Whether you enjoy shopping, eating, drinking or any other activity, the islands of Tonga give you plenty of things to keep you busy on your next holiday.

Create A Personalized Flatmate Checklist For Your Stay In Brisbane



Before you can look for a new flatmate you will need to create a detailed checklist. If you have never lived with a flatmate before you may not know exactly what to expect. Even if you barely see your flatmate you will want to know that you can trust this person in your home. People that live in Brisbane may want to look for share accommodation Brisbane on the web in order to narrow down their selections. By finding potential flatmates in your local area first you can substantially cut down the amount of time that it takes for you to complete the process.

Next, write down a list of your positive and negative traits so that you can create a truthful and accurate ad. Everyone has bad habits and personal preferences, so you are going to want to find a flatmate that is compatible. If you have previous experience with living with a flatmate think about how that living arrangement worked for you. If you find that you liked socializing with your previous flatmate, look for someone that shares your hobbies.

You should speak to all of your potential flatmates over the phone so that you can get a better feel for their personalities. Some people come across great over email, but you might get a different impression when you speak to them. Talk about your job, your family and taste in music and movies so that you can see exactly how many things that you have in common. You may not want to live with a flatmate that is just like you, however, you probably don’t want someone that is your polar opposite. In the end, you will be able to find a flatmate that you can get along with easily if you create a checklist and look online.

Down Under In Australia



ayers rockAustralia, the flattest continent on Earth, has a fairly well diversified landscape and climate throughout. Australia is comprised of six states (Western Australia, South Australia, Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, and Tasmania) as well as the Northern Territory and the Australian Capital Territory (located between Melbourne and Sydney). The large inner portion of Australia is desert land known as the Outback and there is much gold to be found there. Along the northernmost edges of the country, there are lust rainforests and swampy areas as the climate is more tropical. The eastern coast of Australia has the most widely desired climates-boasting temperate and subtropical, the majority of the population found along the southeastern portion of the coast for this reason.

Because the different areas of Australia are so different in landscape and climate, the best times to visit are varying, as well. If trekking through the Outback is your fancy, then you would be best off visiting during Australia’s winter months. While the days are guaranteed to be sunny and warm, the nights will be cold, so go prepared! If it is the Northern Territory you seek, Australia’s mid-fall to mid-spring is the most ideal as that is the dry season. The Northern Territory’s wet season is miserably hot and with very high humidity. As for the other more populated and cooler sections of Australia, the summers are hot and the winters are beautiful with daytime temperatures ranging from 66° to 88°F (19° to 31°C) and hardly ever a drop of rain. For beach weather, Australia’s early fall is most highly recommended as it is more than warm enough without the scorching-hot temperatures of summer.

There are endless attractions in Australia to keep you and yours busy and entertained, no matter which lovely part you choose to visit, first. With the country’s beaches, snowy mountains, rainforests, big cities and deserts, there is certainly something for everyone. To name just a few, there are snow skiing, surfing, road race buggies, tours galore (throughout all areas that include waterfalls in the rainforest and wildlife journeys), zoos, cruises, dolphin safaris, and snorkeling along Cairn’s world-famous Great Barrier Reef. In Sydney, you may take a helicopter tour or see the famed Sydney Opera House or perhaps catch the highly recommended Sydney International Boat Show. Basically, if you enjoy it, you can find it in Australia. Australia even offers many lunch and dinner sight seeing cruises for those wanting fun and festivities even while dining.