Tonga consists of more than 160 islands, 96 of which are inhabited and is located in the South Pacific. There are a number of islands that surround the reef and many of the uninhabited islands are relatively small. If you are looking for a great Pacific holiday Tonga is a good choice. There are so many things to see and do that everyone in your party is sure to be impressed.

People visiting Tonga enjoy a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities. If you love sailing, you will find the South Pacific perfect for enjoying the water. Most of the inhabited islands offer a wealth of things to do as well from various shops and delis to small bars and wonderful nightlife. Those who prefer spending their time outdoors will find snorkeling, fishing, scuba diving and a number of other activities to enjoy on virtually all of the inhabited islands.

You can also plan a cruise around the islands and get a good look at Tonga from the water. Many day cruises are available to take you to the outlying uninhabited islands and you can view wonderful sea life and simply enjoy your day relaxing on the water. Whether you are looking for somewhere to simply relax on the beach or you prefer to get out and see the sights, there is always something to keep you busy in the South Pacific. Various shipwrecks, rainforests and crater lakes are always good sights to see and when you get tired of enjoying the sights, you can simply relax in your hotel room or sit by the beach and watch the people stroll by. Whether you enjoy shopping, eating, drinking or any other activity, the islands of Tonga give you plenty of things to keep you busy on your next holiday.