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Archived Posts from “Travel Insurance”

What You Should Know about Buying International Health Coverage



Many people travel every day. Some take short vacations while others may be moving overseas or taking an extended vacation. If you are planning to travel out of country and are going to be gone for several weeks or longer, health insurance is an important thing to consider. While you may very well have insurance in your home country, you should understand that most typical health insurance policies do not cover overseas medical treatment. This means that you will need to purchase an international health insurance policy.

You can purchase this insurance coverage from a number of different companies and it is important that you take some time to research your options. Buying from the first company that you come across is not recommended. By comparing three or more companies, you get a better idea of what coverage is available and what costs you are going to have to pay. Your actual cost for international health coverage will vary depending on the amount of time that you need the policy and what company you choose to purchase it from.

Short term policies typically last only for a few weeks to a few months while long term policies may last for several years. You should take the time to determine just how long you will need international health coverage before you begin looking at policy types. Once you know how long you will need it you can look at different policies and choose the coverage that best applies to your situation. Think about what type of medical coverage you may need. Evacuation is an essential element in international coverage as it will pay to send you home should you become seriously ill or injured. Ensure that your policy has this coverage and any other specific elements that you feel you may need.

Travel Insurance Quotes from $15



Travelling seems to be getting cheaper every year. Thanks to the Internet, people can now obtain the best possible deals on everything from flights, to hotels and even travel insurance quotes in one place. By getting the best possible deals, it leaves people with more money to spend on their actual holiday.

For those who have not purchased travel insurance on the Internet before, it can be a fairly confusing process. For instance, comparison websites that offer people the chance to compare 50+ companies at once look like a great option. In reality, the comparison website will be charging the insurance agency a commission for each sale, which is usually passed onto the policyholder. This means that the price of the policy is not usually a fair one.

What consumers should really look for with their holiday insurance is trying to find a company that cuts out the middleman and with whom they can deal directly. With no commissions to pay out to comparison sites, there is no need to charge the consumer any extra fee. What does this mean? The consumer gets great travel insurance offers at the lowest price possible.

There is a huge range of options to choose from when it comes to picking travel insurance. Of course, the type of cover is one of the most important things to consider. Generally speaking, comprehensive cover at SCTI (which covers any emergency on vacations) is going to be the type of policy that most people take out. It simply ensures that the stress related to a vacation is as low as it possibly can be; ensuring people enjoy their time away.

Remember; cutting out the middleman with travel insurance is the best way to get extremely good deals on policies.

Budget Travel Insurance



Amongst all the excitement and stress of organising a holiday, purchasing travel insurance is probably not at the forefront of your mind and you may end up simply purchasing the policy offered by the travel agency as part of your holiday deal. However, there is a better way to get comprehensive travel insurance that does not require you to pay an arm and a leg.
Like most things, cheap travel insurance is generally much easier to find when you look for it on the internet. The policy that your travel agency offers you is likely to be overpriced and not as comprehensive as you may expect. Indeed, travel insurance does not only cover medical expenses, even though this is one of the most common expenses claimed and it is probably the biggest part of your travel insurance package. Missed or cancelled flights, lost baggage and stolen items are all things that are covered under any comprehensive travel insurance policy and considering the amount of things that can potentially go wrong when you are abroad, it is sensible to have a comprehensive travel insurance policy in place before you go.
Luckily there are many companies on the Internet that can offer you this insurance at a cheaper rate than anywhere else. While the deal or the add-on that your local travel agency is offering you may sound good at the time and may certainly be the easiest and most straightforward option to take, it is often the most expensive. A simple Internet search will yield many results for travel insurance providers and if you hunt around and buy online then you will get a good deal on your comprehensive travel insurance plan.

Accidents Can Happen on Holiday



Many people do not like to think of the prospect of needing to consult legal experts due to an event that occurred when one is on holiday. However, it is not uncommon to hear of people going on vacation and either having their entire experienced ruined due to them getting hurt or being put into a dangerous situation. Unfortunately, because many people do not fully think about the potential for tragedy occurring while they are on holiday they do become aware of what options are available to them if indeed a mishap or hazard takes place. Civilians everywhere should be aware of the rights afforded to them, even if they are not in their own country, and what steps they can take to right any wrongs that may occur to them when they are on business, a short vacation, or on holiday. Holiday accident claims are becoming more and more frequent as people are beginning to understand that they are owed justice, even if they are out on holiday.

While it may be unpleasant to consider the possibility of one becoming hurt or put into a dangerous situation while on vacation it is indeed a potential event that can affect anyone, no matter how prepared they may be. Many holiday accidents occur at the fault of another entity, typically through negligence. A slippery sidewalk, an unmarked hazardous part of flooring, and food poisoning are all examples of typical negligence legal issues which can befall anyone, even when on vacation. Just because one is on holiday that does not excuse businesses, proprietors, and others from acting neglectful and putting others in dangerous or in harm’s way. It is highly recommended that travelers and tourists all over the world know and understand what rights are allowed to them no matter what country they may be in.

Travel Insurance



Unforeseen illness or events can put a complete halt to your travel plans, and become quite expensive, especially if you’ve already made your plans, reservations, and made deposits. This is why Travel Insurance is such a huge part of planning a trip. It can save you many headaches, and a lot of money.

Travel Insurance can cover all the bases, such as trip cancellation, medical issues, baggage loss, etc. Many different types of insurance are available, and with a wide range of companies to choose from, you can find exactly what suits your needs, based on what type of trip you’re taking.

Statistics show that more than 1 million pieces of luggage were lost, damaged, delayed or pilfered by U.S. airlines from May to July, 2007. Travel insurance can help save you from costly losses such as those, as well as keep your mind at ease when traveling.

There are many types of different travel insurance, covering a wide area of common issues. Travel insurance policies offer at least six different types of coverage, intended for different types of trips and travelers. Comprehensive Travel Medical Insurance is mostly for people whom do not have Medical Insurance at home. Emergency travel medical insurance is for those whom have medical insurance at home, but are not covered under said coverage while traveling. Medical evacuation (medevac) insurance covers the cost of an air ambulance, attending physician and nurse, etc. if you become ill enough or so badly injured that you cannot return home on a scheduled commercial passenger flight. Trip cancellation and interruption insurance covers the refund or cancellation fees for having to cancel your trip, or cut it short for various reasons. Supplier default insurance covers any money you lose in the event of the bankruptcy of an airline, cruise line, tour operator, or other travel services provider. Rental car insurance, which is usually referred to as collision insurance, covers the theft or damage of a vehicle you rent, and/or the liability to other people or vehicles you may injure or damage.

There are also many options for insuring your luggage, personal items, etc. through many travel insurance agencies. It is always a good idea to label your luggage to help prevent loss, and to keep any expensive items with you during your travels, or locked away safely when you arrive at your destination. Make sure you keep track of all expensive items at all times, so you can report a loss or theft right away. You can also keep your passport safe by buying yourself a passport pouch, which is usually a small wallet like item that you can strap on under your shirt, or wear under your shirt with the small cord attached to it.

Taking these steps to insure yourself and your items, as well as protect your things, can help keep you from costly losses, and make your traveling experience much more enjoyable. Be sure to discuss any worries about your personal safety and the safety of your personal items with your travel agent, and travel safe, and secure.